Zoo Is Sad, People Are Cruel


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MY LITTLE AIRPORT is an indie-pop/electro-noise-pop band from Hong Kong (the second Hong Kong artist in the Elefant Records story, right after THE PANCAKES), formed by P and Nicole, college classmates since 2001, and well known in the Hong Kong area thanks to the big success they had with their debut album.

"Zoo is sad, people are cruel", is a fourteen-song album compiling the best moments off their two albums. A sweetest selection that will make you laugh and it will make you sigh, and above all it will fill you with joy.
Their lyrics are about relationships and stories between P and his friends and acquaintances. Really, the lyrics are about this. Just check out song titles like "Victor, fly me to Stafford", "You don't wanna be my girlfriend, Phoebe" or "Leo, are you still jumping out of windows in expensive clothes?".

Their twee-pop sound shares the naïveté of the Sarah Records bands, the simple chrams of CONFETTI and THE SOFTIES and the unaffected intonations of HEAVENLY's Amelia Fletcher. Sometimes, their sound tends more towards punk-pop à la HELEN LOVE (as in the short pill that is "Gigi Leung is dead"), and they also openly acknowledge their fondness for SLOWDIVE y MOJAVE 3, who might be a big influence on the final track, "Dee, it may all end up tomorrow". But, with a song titled "When I listen to The Field Mice", what else could they be but an indie band?


released June 25, 2007

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Track Name: Edward, Had You Ever Thought That The End Of The World Would Come On 20.9.01?
Well it happened a few years ago, we’re still pen friends at 17 years old
I waited for your call everyday, did you know? I scared to call you anyway, you didn’t know
Then we met in a rainy day, I remember how you dress that day
I forgot what I wanted to say when I saw your face
It’s just like happened yesterday, but now you fall away
Oh now you fall away
Where are you now?
Why can’t we be ourselves just like yesterday?
Edward, we were good pen friends and did you ever believe me?
When I say ‘I don’t need to be free if you could only stay with me
I don’t need to be free if you could stay with me
Track Name: The Ok Thing To Do On Sunday Afternoon Is To Toddle In The Zoo

我間中仍會想我們會見面,在那間紅磡近黃埔的商店。你若然還記得那諾言,曾說今天我們流浪到海邊。你照片留在一封情信裡面,每一天仍是照舊看它一遍。我仍然還記得那笑臉,曾在當天我們遊玩過夏天。我都曾寫你在每天的日記,但放棄你卻像再沒可能夢想,像一個沉悶的獨唱。你照片留在一封情信裡面,每一天仍是照舊看它一遍。兩年前遊過的動物園,來到今天我們流浪到那邊? 我都曾寫你在每天的日記,但放棄你卻像再沒可能夢想,像一個沉悶的獨唱。但放棄你卻像再沒可能夢想,像失去甜蜜的合唱。

Sometimes I still want to see you in that Hung Hom shop next to Whampoa
If you can still remember our promise, we said today we would wander to the shore
Your photo is kept with a love letter, each day I see it once again
I can still remember your smile, that time we wandered till summer came
I did wrote about you everyday in my diary, but to give up on you is a hopeless dream, just like a dull solo
Your photo is kept with a love letter, each day I see it once again
The zoo we strolled 2 years ago, till now where did we go?
I did wrote about you everyday in my diary, but to give up on you is a hopeless dream
Just like a dull solo
But to give up on you is a hopeless dream, just like a bitter duo
Track Name: Gigi Leung Is Dead
On Monday, I don’t wanna go to school
I just wanna stay with you, all I want is you
On Tuesday, I don’t wanna go to school, I just wanna sing with you, sing your songs with you
When I listen to your songs, I feel extremely happy
You will be loving me
I know you just can’t leave me, you just can’t leave me
On Sunday, you’re no longer in my heart, may be I got old enough
Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah
Gigi Leung is dead
Gigi Leung is dead
Gigi Leung is dead
Gigi Leung is dead
Track Name: Victor, Fly Me To Stafford
This is the last song I write for you
This is the last night I think of you
Your name is Victor Ching, what do you do?
I phoned you this morning you couldn’t hear me, I sent you letter you couldn’t receive
It’s my favorite game, but I have changed
It’s too late to say I miss you Victor Ching, and you are on your way to Stafford in UK
I know it’s too late to say I’m fond of you
You’ve got a girl from Singapore who you didn’t like before
I love you when you no longer love me
I need you when you no longer need me
You wanted me, but you have changed already
It’s too late to say I miss you Victor Ching
Track Name: Leo, Are You Still Jumping Out Of Windows In Expensive Clothes?
I hope you can see what I can see
I hope you can hear what I can hear
Because it’s not easy, because it’s not easy
I hope you can feel what I can feel. I hope you believe what I believe
Because I feel lonely, because I’m so lonely
I don’t wanna go home, I still can recall all the days in F4 we played in our school, now I stay in Mei Foo, but where are you?
Leo, where are you?
I hope you can taste what I can taste
I hope you can think what I can think
Because I’m so crazy, because I’m so crazy
Cos I know you know what I don’t know
I know you can think what I can’t think
Because you are special, because you’re so special
How I wish you were here, so I called your home, but your mom said that you’ve gone somewhere I have never heard before, why didn’t you call me when you leave here?
And all the things changed after we repeated a year in school
Track Name: I Don'T Know How To Download Good Av Like Iris Does
I wanna watch some AV and you got plenty. I’m so dry, I’m so dry, I’m so dry
I enjoy watching girls and boys in uniforms
Send them to me, oh Iris, send them to me
I don’t know any others who have plenty of AV, please send those good AV to me
I don’t know how to download good AV like yours
I don’t know, I don’t know, I don’t know
You know I like those AV telling no story, only you, only you, you know me
I don’t know any others who have plenty of AV, please send those good AV to me
Track Name: You Smile Like A Blossom


Two weeks passed by
Didn’t taste a pear with you
Me and you is a mystery
Our age differs 50 miles

That day you left this ground
You left me frowning around
Your mind is unexplainable
Made me unforgettable

Hope to see you tomorrow
Your face is a glamour show
Right now I need to find
You to smile on time

Do you know?
You are so charming
The way you look back with a smiling eye
Precisely obsessed by you
For you, I need no freedom

Sorry that I already have a lover
This tangled my head
How can I be glue to you?
Plead for your melting kiss
Hope to see you tomorrow
Your face is a glamour show
I need to scream,
Think of you, makes me swim
Track Name: Josephine's Shop
Cos running business is not your gift, why don’t you close it, why don’t say ‘damn it’? Depression in your shop of Mong Kok
Silence on Monday, no change on Thursday
But Josephine, you may think your pals cannot lose you
Probably they need you so much more than they love you
So why don’t you abandon them?
Let yourself be free
This world is bigger than what we always believe in
So why don’t you try to fade out from your dream of dreams?
Try to take the other risks
Your life should not be like this
Every color we can be
The only thing I’ve bought in your shop was a $10 candle with some nice smelling
It couldn’t help you to pay the rent, couldn’t resist hazards nor prevent disease
But Josephine, you know your shop is cutie and beautiful
The truth is, you know this beauty can’t make you happy
So why don’t you abandon them?
Track Name: When I Listen To The Field Mice
Still remember the songs of the Field Mice, you used to sing to me at night
Sometimes I think we can be together, you make me feel love’s like flowers
I have a catalogue of everything we did, I still remember everything you needed
I wanna write this love song for you
I wanna tell you how I love you
Cos you… you deserve a major7 chords. And I…I just can’t stop feeling so lost
Remember once me and you’re in a bus, I kissed your lips and no one saw us
I didn’t know where the bus’s going. I didn’t know where we are going
You told me you like major7, so I start writing songs with these chords, but I
I just can’t stop feeling so lost
So I use an Em chord after a D major7, so I use an
Em chord to stop myself feeling lost
Track Name: My Little Banana
My little beautiful pretty pretty banana, you are all that I'd like and I want to share you with all my friends, family and loved one
I just open all your skin then I take a small bite
Once I have a wonderful dream about you we were dancing in the sea and the fishes all swimming around us
Come with me so I can show you big boat that I built
Let's go for a ride
I promise it will fly to the sky where no one cries
Banana you will see the clouds beneath our feet to the space where twinkle stars saying hello and smile they're shinning bright happily
Will we see each other any more after ten years why don’t you tell me you’re falling ill and not happy please stay well and be tasty I don't want to see you be grumpy
Please stay strong and be healthy
We still have a lot to do like exploring the whole world
You're the only one can't be replaced
Hey you, listen, banana you're the best, man!
Track Name: Because I Was Too Nervous At That Time


Because I was too nervous at that time
You may think I was strange
Gaze on you makes me fanciful
I craved to stay the same

I touched your palm carelessly
It made me felt nutritious
Walking with you is my ambition
Life is packed with fresh direction

They say you are arrogant
But I believe you are kindhearted
I have no mood to plan
How to tell you the truth

They say you are arrogant
But I think you are so right
I have no heart to consider
How can I make you itch?

Because I was so flurried at that time
I couldn’t show you my talent
I want to count sheep with you
Each night dreaming joyously

At last I went to the football field with you
Rambled more in Pak Tin Mall
And glanced over those pop idols’ photos
Wish you weren’t so educated

They say you are arrogant
But I believe you are kindhearted
I have no mood to plan
How to tell you the truth

They say you are arrogant
But I think you are so gorgeous
I have no heart to consider
How can I make you itch?

I have become melancholic and sentimental
No, I can’t make you smile
Track Name: You Don't Wanna Be My Girlfriend, Phoebe
You don’t wanna be my girlfriend, Phoebe
You just wanna show your beauty
Oh my Phoebe, can you see that I’m crying?
All the boys think that you are the best
All the eyes are just looking at your breast
Oh my Phoebe, you just wanna show your beauty
You don’t wanna kiss me
You just wanna show your beauty
You don’t wanna know me
You know you’re not just a love song to me
You’ve ever sent your photos to me
Watching your face is an interesting journey
Oh my Phoebe, I wanna tell you my little story
Can you talk to me when I’m lonely?
Can we talk not only when you’re lonely?
I know you Phoebe
I think I trend to know you completely
You don’t wanna kiss me
You just wanna show your beauty
You don’t wanna know me
You will never send all your love to me
So please don’t say may be we may meet one day
This sentence could not last more than one day
Cos you know I’m not the only one be missed by you as same as I don’t only miss you
Track Name: Dee, It May All End Tomorrow
But how can I forget?
But how can I forget your tender smile?
But how can you forgive?
But how can you forgive my unstable mind?
One day we may meet again
One day we may kiss again very splendid
One day you may get married
One day you may have baby, oh my dear Dee