Yo No Tengo A Nadie


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We introduce you to a very cool band from Barcelona, Spain. They are completely fascinated by the sixties decade, specially with the poppiest side of the music produced in that era: in that time there were a lot of Spanish bands and artists making covers in Spanish of foreign hits, and the results were really funny and delightful. All that music was popularized in Spain as the “ye-yé” movement.

The band is called LOS SOBERANOS, and it’s formed by Emanuele di Marzo (lead guitar and backing vocals); Gabriel Soto (rhythm guitar); Albert Valero (bass guitar and drums); Pablo Jiménez (keyboards and backing vocals); Albert Solà (drums); Inés Bayo (lead and backing vocals); Cecilia Bayo (lead and backing vocals) and, last but not least, Ivo von Menzel: lead vocals.

Their debut single means to be a perfect replica of those Spanish sixties EPs, with four cover versions and a superb colour sleeve. The tracks included are the following:

“Yo no tengo a nadie” (“I’ve got nobody”) was originally sung by Raphael, a sort of Spanish Scott Walker but in a beat, poppy way. He had a lot of success in the sixties and he’s still one of the most popular media stars in Spain. This song was included in the soundtrack of his film “Cuando tú no estás” (1966).

“El surf del ladrillo” (“Brick surf”) is a cover version of an Italian band called LA CRICCA. The original title is “Surf de la matonella”. It’s featured by the cool female vocals of Inés and Cecilia Bayo.

“La chica del gorro” (“The girl with the bonnet”) is a song by Roberto Carlos, one of the most popular pop (not Bossa Nova) singers from Brazil. He was also big in Spain, as he sung many of his hits in Spanish. like this one from 1964.

“Que extraña chica es” (“A really serious girl”) is a cover version in Spanish by an ISLEY BROTHERS hit. The original version in Spanish was recorded by LOS BOHEMIOS in 1967.


released February 27, 2001


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