The Good Anarchist


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We all miss Dan Treacy and TV PERSONALITIES. After all the years of amazing songs and magnificent albums, we have waited almost a decade to hear the unmistakable voice of Dan again. Luckily they have put out two new albums: “My Dark Places” (2006) and “Are we Nearly There Yet?” (2007) which were supposedly the beginning of a new era, after the experience Dan had crossing the desert.

On behalf of Elefant Records, we are proud and excited to put out the world exclusive new single of TV PERSONALITIES “The Good Anarchist.” One truly cries out in jubilation when listening to this song! Only true alchemists of pop can achieve to produce sounds of such sensibility in just a little over two minutes. Echoes of bands such as VELVET UNDERGROUND, SHOP ASSISTANTS and CAROUSEL ring about on this single, as well as the voice of Swede Johanna Lundström for the first time and Dan playing the guitar. The B-Side sparkles with the fabulous “She’s Always Been There for Me” with the classic TV PERSONALITIES (basically Dan and Ed Ball) although it includes an irresistible touch of Northern Soul and a catchy rhythm that makes you put on your dancing shoes and leave your Ben Sherman shirt soaking in sweat! It’s all a big surprise wrapped up in a 7” single and a definite must for long-time fans of the group, as well as newbies which became fans with their last few albums!


released December 18, 2007


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Track Name: The Good Anarchist
Oh the good anarchist
She believed in everyone
So the good anarchist
Put her faith in her favourite band
So a good anarchist
Booked a ticket, took a plane
To find out that her love
Had gone mentally insane

So the good anarchist
He didn't know right from wrong
All he knew was his beer
His old guitar and songs
And they took him away
Time and time again
So the whole world it knows
He's gone mentally insane...again
Track Name: She's Always Been There For Me
In times of trouble
Who do I turn to?
You've always been there for me
You've always been there for me

After all this time
All the bad things I said and did
You're still here
She's always been there for me

She's always been there for me
She's always been there for me

You've always been there for me
You've always been there for me