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Here’s a new electrodynamic compilation featuring the best new stuff from the Elefant Records’ roster: some taken from our latest releases, other juicy advances from the forthcoming records everybody’s going to talk about in the next few months, and, how could we resist, more than a handful of previously unreleased presents for the joy of collectors and pop music lovers: covers, demos, remixes and a final surprise you will be able to discover with time (if you don’t guess it before, it’s not so difficult). This is the first one out of a series of compilations which will inform about the state and evolution of Elefant Records and its bands. Enjoy it.

1 - LE MANS - “La Balada De La Primavera”
We were so in love with this song, first featured on the CD-single “Mi Novela Autobiográfica”, and we felt so sad that it wasn’t going to be included on the next LP by our favest band, that we couldn’t help but put it here as well. The first optimistic song by Le Mans after the darker stage of “Saudade”. Sun and good weather are finally coming back to their music.

2 - TELEFILME - “Da Haus”
The most creative couple in Spanish pop proving once again their genius, mixing styles and recalling nostalgic atmospheres of a future yet to come. Rough, claustrophobic synth-pop, taken from their splendid CD “Pocket Horror Symphony”.

3 - FUGU - “F4”
This is one of the previously unreleased songs we include on this compilation, a delicious present by one of the most promising new French pop bands, the project of a gourmet of the best pop music, baroque and refined. Vintage taste and perfect style by a guest artist to our delicatessen store.

4 - SPRING - “Baby Blue”
Following the fantastic path opened by their awesome work with Spanish DJ Pez last year, the French band gives us an excerpt from their glorious second LP, “The Last Goodbye”, where they mix the two faces -the most acoustic and the most danceable one- of their music in a glass-smashing cocktail.

5 - ANA D - “Satélite 99”
ANA D’s debut is one of the best surprises in Spanish pop since FAMILY and LE MANS: a timeless record, extremely beautiful and full of mistery and alien poetry, from which we take this song. As for writing and recording the record, Ana had the help of Ibon Errazkin, from Le Mans, and well-known Spanish crooner Javier Corcobado.

6 - LOONS - “Ne Sois Pas Si Bete”
An excellent cover of the French 60’s classic song by the Parisian trio, one of this year’s highlights in the Japanese market, where their intimate melodies have been very well received.

7- CECILIA ANN - “Quiero Ser”
It seems like Cecilia Ann have plenty of nicest pop songs, and that’s why they give us a previously unreleased track for this compilation. So direct, catchy and vitaminic as it’s usual with them.

8 - THE PRIBATA IDAHO - “That Kind Of Pity”
The comeback of the band couldn’t be better: their best LP to this date, no doubt about it, is the recent “Hope”, where they used all their weapons and the best from their acknowledged capacity as songwriters of guitar pop and melodic psychedelia. A splendid glance at pop history with a modern vision and an incredible production work.

9 - NOTHING - “Dumbo”
The band from Zaragoza keeps joining new jewels of the sweetest pop to their already impressive collection. Perfect backing vocals, powerful guitars and delicious melodies, produced by Sean Jackson, from 18 Wheeler, and Paul Fyfe, from Coast.

10 - LIGHTHOUSE - “Something New”
Their third album, first on Elefant, is one of the most beautiful of the latest months. After getting to the top of the French independent scene, the band from Rennes is ready to win the hearts of the rest of the world with their elegant, poetic, precious pop and with this previously unreleased song.

11- CECILIA ANN - “Gris”
Their debut album, “Un Segundo”, has been produced by Ken Stringfellow (The Posies, Big Star), and it soaks with quality. This is one of the best songs on the album: excellent guitar work and dreamy vocals in an exceptional song. You listen to it twice and you won’t ever forget it.

12- AUTOMATICS - “Too Shy (Pedal Tone Mix)”
One of the best songs on the awarded album “Space Rock Melodies” is remixed, exclusively for this compilation, by American Jimmy Tamborello, a creative fan of the band, who is called to be considered as the new John McEntire within a short period.

13 - BEEF - “See You In Australia”
Whilst we’re still listening to their bewildering full-length “Fi Qasr Sheikh Al-Dabant”, BEEF come back with a new modern rock and intelligent experimentation collection, “España A Las Ocho”, where we take this piece from. They’re the most risky and advanced band in Spanish rock, and they always prove it so easily.

14 - GYPSOPHILE - “The End Of Casanova”
Faithful to our love for the bands which, like we did, grew up listening to Cherry Red and Sarah records, we release the first Mini-CD by this French band of which we present you a previously unreleased track. Acoustic pop, sweet and delicate.

15 - SPRING - “Blisters And Bruises”
Another unreleased track for the lucky owners of this new Elefant Records electrodynamic compilation, a cover of Shampoo done in the most pure style, hedonistic and elegant, of SPRING. A precious song, with the charm of a classic and the atractive touch of the present day.

16 - PATRULLERO MANCUSO - “El Peine De La Tortuga”
After three wonderful LP’s and a career of many years, this great band from Madrid keeps the necessary freshness to build direct, immediate pop songs like this new single taken from their hit-packed LP “Tortilla Estatal” which will be released with three previously unreleased tracks. Eccentric, very melodic pop, it will catch you immediately.

17 - BEEF - “Vegetalia”
We couldn’t help but include a previously unreleased track by BEEF on this compilation: their capacity to write new limitless rock songs keeps untouched, and they even let themselves regenerating their sound and making it more exciting each time.

18 - FUGU - “F15”
If the previous song showed perfectly the talent of this French guy, just wait until you hear the second song we’ve included on this compilation: his arrangements are exceptional, and he uses the classic tools to look forward towards the future. Soon you will be able to listen to more stuff by FUGU on an excellent single for our Singles Club.

19 - STORMCLOUDS - “Cosmic Christmas”
We couldn’t pass by without wishing you a merry Christmas for the recent holidays! And the best way to do it with such a long delay is with a galactic song, full of sense of humour (so we can use it for next year as well!)) and fuzz-pop from the twilight zone, taken from the charming CD “Not Of This Earth”.

20 - EGGPLANT - “Your history, is not mine”
The trio from London is slowly becoming a favourite of the fiercest indie-pop fans: heavenly melodies, naughty guitars, ultrafast songs and a self-sufficient, amateur attitude are their best introduction. Soon we will release a compilation with all their singles and songs from compilations called “Liar, Liar”. This song was their first single, formerly released on American label Bus Stop.

21 - AUTOMATICS - “Watch Over You”
Taken from the famous “Space Rock Melodies”, this song is the soundtrack to their brand new videoclip, which you should have seen by now if you’re trying to discover new stuff on TV. AUTOMATICS have become the most important band in the Spanish independent scene, with an overwhelming live act, and they prove it with songs like this.

22 - ... - Surprise, surprise...


released May 12, 1998

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Track Name: LE MANS - La Balada De La Primavera
Siempre estás a mi lado
Bien guardado en mi corazón
Ya no sé echarte de menos
Te llevo dentro allá donde estés

Junto a ti, de tu mano
Eternamente, donde vayas me tendrás

Brilla el sol y a nuestra sombra
Pasa el mundo en su soledad
Quien me ve sólo encuentra
En mis ojos
El reflejo
De tus ojos
Allá donde estés

Descansar en tus brazos
Eternamente, en tus palabras, en tu voz
En tu mirada, mi amor
Track Name: TELEFILME - Da Haus
Let's play a nightgame
Let's choose our own adventures
And reinvent ourselves
Hey let's go crazy
Let's build up new identities
And change our names

The house is empty
We break into the hall of mirrors
Just for fun
Reality can be distorted
As much as we want tonight
Into da haus

Come into da haus

The magic garden
Is full of giant-sized rabbits
Running after us
Don't make a sound
The garden is a labyrinth
We're safe from harm
Into da haus

Let's play a night-game
Let's lose control
The house is empty
Don't make a sound
Track Name: SPRING - Baby Blue
I could never feel at ease
Yeah but I love you so
Maybe you just wanna tease people
Then I may go
Maybe you just wanna please me though I can’t follow
Cos I feel like I decrease whenever you do so
Upside down
You stick around
I may be needing make-up today
Siliconical affair
I’ll take it off whenerver I want
And I wanna feel at ease
Yeah but I love you so
Because often you deride ´bout me
And so do I
And I’ll pour milk in your tea
Before I go
I’ll go back to loneliness
Oh I don’t wanna go
Upside down...
Wallowing in diffidence
I wish I had a nurse everyday
It´s not a serious offence
When echoes of my shadow step out
Track Name: ANA D - Satélite 99
En dolores de mujer se funden las estrellas
Besando al sol

No queda hombre en el mundo
Que sepa decir ¡te quiero¡
Ni de verdad ni de mentira
O en sueño

Pero tengo un satélite
Perdido del espacio
Que me abraza fuerte
Para cruzar la barrera de este fin de siglo
Track Name: THE PRIBATA IDAHO - That Kind Of Pity
I felt a kind of pity
And all that sort of things
I took the law into my own hands
And the events that led up to the war
I lay where I have fallen
It didn’t lie with me
I should like more time
I should like to know why

I felt it getting hot
A page littered with mistakes
But, just how many I don’t know
Because I told them to go away
I lay where I have fallen
It didn’t lie with me
I should like more time
I should like to know why

I’m not one to take things lying down
Although I live on hope

And even if
The words don’t fit
Together, I promise
I won’t walk away
That and nothing else
It’s all that I can say
But you don’t forget
I’ll do my level best

I felt about in the dark
Trailing behind broken dreams
Where the plants grow in the ground
Although everything’s really as it seems
I lay where I have fallen
It didn’t lie with me
I should like more time
I should like to know why

I’m not one to take things lying down
Although I live on hope

And even if
The words don’t fit
Together, I promise
I won’t walk away
That and nothing else
It’s all that I can say
But you don’t forget
I’ll do my level best
Track Name: CECILIA ANN - Gris
Cuando se acerca a mí
Es como un shock
Me habla y no me entero

No se que decir
Pierdo la voz
No tengo nada dentro

Como si fuera gris
Sin color
Lo único que encuentro

Y sólo pueda ser
Un robot
Con un mensaje hecho

Intento reaccionar
Y ser normal
Pero veo que no comprende

Pienso que ya da igual
Querer cambiar
No consigo sorprenderle

Como si fuera gris
Sin color
Lo único que encuentro

Y sólo pueda ser
Un robot
Con un mensaje hecho

Me empiezo a consumir
Mi explicación
No sale de mi cuerpo

Tal vez digo que sí
O bien que no
Apenas me concentro
Track Name: BEEF - See You In Australia
See you in Australia or in the bikini upstairs
Repeat the blossoms: Stephen is in the toilette
Junk in the fever. I feel so bad under your hair
How long can I stand?
Track Name: PATRULLERO MANCUSO - El Peine De La Tortuga
Voy silbándole a los pies
Muevo a la gente
Dando vueltas sobre mí
¡Corre, toma tu premio
El peine de la tortuga!

Atrapado con tu luz
Mato a la gente
Dando vueltas sobre ti

¡Corre, toma tu premio
El peine de la tortuga!