Spain Is Pain


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Swansong of this Madrid trio. As usual, they come with a magnificent collection of classic songs, excelently crafted and arranged, with an eye on Californian heroes like THE BYRDS but also close to contemporaries like LAMBCHOP o TINDERSTICKS. Timeless melodies.


released March 31, 2000


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Track Name: Townee From The West
Allow me
To introduce myself
I’m a townee
From the west
I have a job
From midnight to four
Every day and all night long

I pay the rent
Every month
And all the taxes
That you want
But my troubles
Don’t fly away
Please, come and give us a hand, instead!

I hope they leave me in peace
Now that I can’t take a breathe
And the things which are so dear to me
Wait and see how It will be
Track Name: Failure To Heart
He just sat on that
Old orange armchair and
Looked off into space
No more melancholy verses

He took to living at home
Spending hours looking up
At the sky, and no more
Melancholy songs

He failed family and friends
And took his failure to heart
He didn’t want to try again
And doomed himself to disappear

The day before of setting off
It doesn’t seem so long ago
He hadn’t been so wild
Since he was a child

Mum called the doctor and
The doctor came at dawn
Any breathe from your son
He’s left and hour ago
Track Name: Spain Is Pain
Spain is pain
And it’s not an unjustified complaint
Spain is pain
And I wish it were not so!

I can’t make up my mind about her
She leaves things in a mess
No spanish bombs, no castles in Spain
Spain is definitively pain

Spain is different
And it’s not an unjustified complaint
Spain is different
And I wish it were not so!

She looks like a house in need
Of painting, a damned waiting
The recommendation to mercy
In the midst of plenty
Track Name: Welcome To The Day After
Welcome to the day after
Even you put your hands on the plaster
Thanks for the daily pain blister
Revolution is coming
Friendly and lovely is coming... till the end

Marcuse has died in love
And Dylan will follow shortly
Thanks for the answers in the wind
Revolution is coming,
Friendly and lovely is coming... till the end

Will you count it
Against me if
I take the credit?

Will you count it
Against me if
I take the success?
Track Name: Song For A Picture
What loads my hands down
From my mind´s back door
To my heart dismay?
Her cold boney face

Sitting on the ground
A cardigan in case
When she said now
The wind is blowing
All we shared away
Her wine-stained lips
Whatever sound
Whatever sound
Track Name: The Taste Of Things To Come
I turned my face to back
Expecting to find some drugs
The dealer came just as he said
With a brand new car, with no drugs
Hey man!, from today onwards
You´d try to get another stuff
I leave this shit I want a new life

I walked alone the main street
Praying and searching a trip
But nobody has anything
There´s no morphine and no pills
And the time was passing by
While the snow wrapped the ground
And there was no cure for my wound
Track Name: You Have To Fly To Be A Byrd
Here is the scene
He is on the plane
With everybody else
Everybody’s there but me

You have to fly to be a bird
You have to fly to be a bird

Here’s the scene again
You and me on the plane
With everybody else
Everybody’s there
Track Name: Unexpected End
You walked out
Never to return
It was and enduring
And unexpected end
For a love which were
On the edge

The last day of december nineteen seventy-eight
Revenge of love I used to say... with a happy end
And you wave goobye just as I thought just as I knew
The last day of december nineteen eighty-two

Why do you try to send me pieces of love I couldn´t use?
Why do you want to know if there will be a trial after the proof?

With next one
Was almost the same
Kisses the first two months
Next two completely alone
I wish it had been
Not so!
Track Name: For Some Crazy Reason
I had a dream
Trees, bees, leaves, birds and beans
A little bit
Of me goes with the wind and see
Against myself, against him
The tide is carrying me far away from here

The dream belongs to me
And I’m really getting blind and deaf
The things could think
If they could have a little piece
Of fear, but they don’t think
Because it’s difficult to believe... to dream

There’s a pain inside myself
How could I speak with her?
How could I wave goodbye?
If my favourite girl...
Is still dressed in grey
Track Name: After The First Sin
I told a lie to the priest
When I confessed my sins
It was very jolly for me
Even I tried not to seem to keen

From my blameless point of view
It was nothing but an excuse
To turn the knife in the wound
To life anyhow, win or lose

When I fell into sin again
It was "Talkin’bout New York"
I was almost fifteen
Years jumbled together, anyhow

Judgement, they promised, is upon us
The end of the world is at hand
Even I confessed my blasphemies
My fights and all my sins

There’re millions of liers
What’s one more or less?
That’s the kind of things I mean
When I talk about my sins
There’s no need to be sorry for me
Even I show signs of wear
Track Name: Little Black Tide (E-Bow Version)
Music on the car radio and the endless miles
Grey clothes, pissing my pants, laughing too hard
I love the way she hands things to me smiling
The ways she has turned my life into Disneyland

The person I was, the singer I was only two years ago
The kind of stuff that was central then to my life
Seems to be just trendy postcards, a tray of ice-cubes
A nice ego trip, bad weather, ex-lovers saying "mine"

Life its a vow that frightens so bad as it deepens
And when you love you feel your organs outside
Wearing our difference like streamers or leaves
We know the future has changed, that little dark tide