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Debut awesome LP, owing as much to CAN and krautrock as to the first NEW ORDER or jazzy improvisation. This London band represents the avant-garde of the current guitar music. Experimental, cryptic pop. Repetitive and hypnotic. Cool.


released April 30, 1996


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Track Name: Come And Tell Me
Come and tell me that I ever made a difference to you
And then tell me that you’re watching everything that I do
Feels good to me, feels good to me
And that is all that matters

In a lucid moment Ill think how far on I could be
But the difference left from A to B is just what scares me
Feels good to me, feels good to me
And that is all that matters
Track Name: Now Time Styling
You’ll do it again
Track Name: I'm Not Used To It
Tonight youll have the best fun you could ever have alone
So come and join the crowd who like to party on their own
Theyve nothing much to talk about
But still theyre into everything
Making all that effort just to get their faces shown
And that sort of thing, Im not used to it

And maybe you might need some fuel, but you wont need a meal
And maybe its impossible to work out how you’ll feel
Its never getting bigger, but its in the way of everything
Take what youve been offered and pretend its a big deal
And that sort of thing, Im not used to it
Track Name: Flame Out
Give me one long drawn out moment
So I can stare deep and dwell
Give me one useful lesson
And think of me well
We could be flaming out

Only one chance to bring order
Had you well within my sights
Never thought it could come easy
Never thought it could be so slight
And chance is fading out

No it wont make me feel better
Heads will spin, colour will fly
Track Name: Breathing, Space
Aiming high, and hitting low
Held on tight instead of letting go
Trying to get left behind
Working out how to be unkind

Keeping quiet, you’re seldom seen
Mulling over what might have been
Take some time, you may still find
You’re not going to miss it for too long
Track Name: Ten Miles Of Bad Road
An important time, do you think it’s mine?
I’m just waiting for a sign to come to me

There’s no reason why we should not aim high
When we are just getting by and that’s not me