by ANA D

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Elefant Records Singles Club is a good way to give great news to pop aficionados. This one’s for you: ANA D, the goddess of standard melodies in spacey envelopes, is currently writing the follow-up to the surprising, magical LP “Satélite 99”. While we impatiently wait for this moment to arrive, we have a tasteful sweet to make our waiting more bearable: two new songs, taken from the same sessions of her fabulous debut, bringing back that decadent, irresistible atmosphere which made us love her madly with the album and which we want to feel again with her imminent live appearances.

Listening to the precious melody on “Recordando”, many of us remember her heavenly show at the Benicàssim Festival, where she opened the set (and the Festival) with this beautiful song and didn’t stop bewitching the audience until her magnetic figure left the stage. This song could perfectly fit in “Satélite 99”: it keeps the same tension and it runs the same emotion, using the same charms; ANA D, with the help of Ibon Errazkin (LE MANS) and Javier Corcobado (two of the most important characters in the last ten years of Spanish music), has managed to turn simplicity into a much more expressive and moving weapon than any vain baroquism, and she also manages to get the sobriety of the arrangements to enhance above all those eternal vocals, warm and comforting, which only she knows how to use nowadays.

“Velero Lleno De Estrellas Y Bahías” is an ingravid lullaby which would make any baby fall into tears, one of those cradle songs you will never forget. Again, an austere piano line suggests a lot, calls up a lot, but it never tires the listener.

ANA D’s music is constantly looking forward towards the future, but it has the capacity to fill your mind with nostalgia. Year 2020: a veteran engineer of the NASA finds an old Stanislaw Lem book in a forgotten drawer, and suddenly all those images of what he lived then fill his mind. His eyes get wet. ANA D’s music is on the background. The end, credit titles.


released February 19, 1998


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Track Name: Recordando
Voy recordando por mi camino
Tu dulce amor y lágrimas

Cristo me mira desde la cruz
Y voy llorando en las adicciones
De las rosas y las campanitas
Las rosas y las campanitas

Yo voy subiendo por la línea del mar
Camino del cielo de tu boca
Racimo de uvas en un desierto
Pero estoy perdida en el viaje

Estoy aquí sola y muerta sin ti

Lo dice este estanque y los castaños

Este estanque que llora emoción
Y figuras de agua de vieja canción
Track Name: Velero Lleno De Estrellas Y Bahías
Tengo un velero lleno de estrellas
Que surca dulce el cielo y la tierra

Yo quiero mil besos para cantar la luna
Pero no he de llegar al cansado amanecer

Tengo una lumbre que nace en mis penas y siento en la luz pequeñas tinieblas
Yo quiero mil besos para borrar la luna
Y un velero de estrellas cruzando el anochecer