Pocket Horror Symphony


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Here they are at least, the prophets of the Apocalypse,the obscure reporters of a grey, alienating, dehumanized future. The well-praised mini-CD “Catastrophe Baby” was the best call of attention: TELEFILME have come to tell us about our future, and their predictions aren’t very pleasing.

The genius couple crushes us again with an evil noisy CD, with industrial, repetitive rhythms which contrast with the beautiful minimalism of some arrangements, in a new masterplay, even more lucid, if possible, than their previous works. They use influences from easy listening, like the use of the vocals as another instrument, or that colourful, cheesy happiness aesthetics which is alwasy there in their record covers, along with rhythms and sounds which recall the synth-pop classics (OMD and Depeche Mode -don’t let the title of “Da Haus” put you in the wrong- vienen a la mente en más de una ocasión), to create a very personal and distinctive hybrid: only TELEFILME can sound so pop and be so cold and nihilistic at the same time.

On “Hi-fi Ghost”, the childish but evil atmosphere of the song would do an ideal soundtrack for a remake of “Poltergeist”. Other songs, like “Fahrenheit”, are even more frightening, full of psychotic whispers in the dark. The suffocating voodoo of “Doll-house” is pure techno-rock, a technified PJ Harvey, and “Peter Pain” is a mad story about the loss of innocence and the mirage of eternal youth: in a world that’s upside down, Wendy is in chains and gets high on drugs, and Peter hits her with a whip.

TELEFILME can talk about these subjects with sarcasm (as in the chronicle for the end of the world that is “California Punch”), but always leave a restless feeling in the listener: in the political pleading “I Will Follow The Leader”, they go back to the oppressive atmosphere of “Kiss The Robot” (from “Catastrophe Baby”), announcing the despairing future of our society, headed to submission and obedience, to the anonimity of the individual, lost in the shapeless mass of the majority. That who is out of the norm has the risk to be set aside, as we’re told on “Ballad Of The Droog”.

“Pocket Horror Symphony” is a monumental work about the horror of an homogenic and falsely equalizing future, a work of genius both in the lyrics and in the music. Future listening and pop electronics make a big step forward with every new record by TELEFILME. Mouse On Mars are not alone anymore.


released November 25, 1997


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Track Name: Electric Farm
Artificial pet- I'm your artificial puppy
Artificial pig - I'm your artificial doggy
Been created in the coldness
Of the laboratory
I don't need any affection
I'm your perfect company
All my teeth have been pulled out
So I can even suck your dick if it
Makes you happy

Artificial pet I'm your artificial puppy
Won't complain nor cry you can do what you want to me
And if you get tired of me
You can throw me to the bin if it makes you happy then I'll be happy
I'll make you happy
Track Name: Hi-Fi Ghost
See you in stereo
Through my see-through radio
You're a binary code
A high-fidelity ghost
Hi-fi ghost

Sugar-coated tnt
On the mainstream
Electronic fantasy
Clockwork dancing
Sounds so evil sounds so mean
So bombastik
Like fuckin' nitroglicerine
Hi-fi ghost

Clockwork dancing on the mainstream
Clockwork dancing so bombastik
Track Name: Shopping List Blues
Life's like a big supermarket
Everything's at hand you choose
Just pay and now it's yours
Some sugary love- can't afford it
Take a six-pack of hate instead
And share it with all your mates

You're drunk 'cos you hate being sober
You can't beat this prices baby
So beat your wife
Mirrors don't lie that's your face
You're a bug-you look twice your age
Shed some tears
Go to bed try to sleep
Track Name: Da Haus
Let's play a nightgame
Let's choose our own adventures
And reinvent ourselves
Hey let's go crazy
Let's build up new identities
And change our names

The house is empty
We break into the hall of mirrors
Just for fun
Reality can be distorted
As much as we want tonight
Into da haus

Come into da haus

The magic garden
Is full of giant-sized rabbits
Running after us
Don't make a sound
The garden is a labyrinth
We're safe from harm
Into da haus

Let's play a night-game
Let's lose control
The house is empty
Don't make a sound
Track Name: California Punch
The night of the very end
Life was a birthday party
People made human chains
And street choreographies
But that fateful night
Stars were pretty sharp
Shinin' like switchblades
The night of the very end
Life was a happy game

Citizens drank champagne
And danced to disco classics
Then black holes of tears and pain
Oh-crashed against the dream
Then the lights turned out
Meltin' down the smiles
Freezin' up the bliss
The night of the very end
Life was a happy game

Oh what a shame
Here's the birthday cake
But who's gonna blow
All the candles?
Track Name: Jeremy
You open the door and scream
Cos you can't believe what you see
A replica of yourself
Is there waiting

He says he's a substitute
From now on he'll do the things you do
So you can go back to bed
And stay there lyin'

Your limbs are frozen
You cannot move
Here he comes in wearing your best suit
He says it's time for your injection dear
Track Name: Catastrophe Baby
Ululatin’ sounds invading the room

Green smoke and red curtains to conceal you
After a blood-curdling scream
Your silhouette appears
Your mask and your distorted face
Looming above me

Spread your wings
Catastrophe baby
Evil weed
Cover the earth with a long black veil

You say this will end in tears
I can only answer please
Do you fear the butcher eyes
Of the guinea pig?
Caterpillar caterpillar
Catastrophe baby you're evil

Spread your wings
Catastrophe baby
Why don't we
Cover the earth with a long black veil

You've got the balloon of the world
I've got a knitting needle
Track Name: Fahrenheit
When I was a little child
I used to dream
Of burning the house down
Burning the house down
Everytime they scolded me
Everytime they hit me
Everytime they treated me bad
I used to dream
Of burning the house down
With my parents inside

Through the window
I watched them burn
On their knees
Saying please
I used to dream
Of burning the house down
And I still do
Track Name: I Will Follow The Leader
Be the perfect citizen
It's the better to obey
Submit to the majority
There's no other way
I'll never raise my voice again
That's not for me
Won't protest I won't complain
Never disagree
I'll just follow the leader
I'll be a zero
I'll disappear

I think I'll have my brain removed
It's something I don't need
I'll replace the empty space
With some metal sheets
Yes I'll be the perfect citizen
A gentle marionette
A dilettante dressed in grey
With nothing much to say
And I'll follow the leader I'll be a zero
I'll disappear as a human being
Track Name: Doll-House
Gloomy voodoo doll-house
Every single room's full of danger
Everyone's a stranger
Staring into my eye
It drives me insane
They're doing it all again
I'm courting disaster
I'm falling downstairs
Sinking into quicksands

Gloomy voodoo doll-house
Sick of superstition and black magic
The end's gotta be tragic
There's no air enough to breathe
It drives me insane
They're doing it all again
I'm sinking and laughin'
Laughin' and fallin'
Laughin' my head off

Gloomy voodoo doll-house
Faces are distorted and scary
You don't have to worry
Everything's in control
But it drives me insane
Track Name: Peter Pain
Wendy in chains
In Neverland
She'll neverlearn
Here he comes

Peter pain

Poor valentina
Sick Gwendoline
She's in a fix
He cracks the whip

Peter pain
Glitter pain
Bitter pain
Track Name: Ballad Of The Droog
Close your eyes, you will feel no pain
We gotta wash your dirty brain
You will be socialized tonight

Too many problems- we had enough
Your attitude was really bad
You will be socialized tonight

You will wake up in the hospital
It won't be that bad
You'll feel alright
You will leave in a week or so
To meet your new family
Your new home
You will be socialized tonight