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When the millennium arrived, we only received bad news from Argentina. Whilst the newscasts kept us informed about the chaotic situation the country was going through, this trio from Buenos Aires sent us a kind sonic postcard from the sea, a collection of placid, delicate, dreamy songs. Their records are among those that truly make you daydream with your eyes wide open.

ENTRE RÍOS is formed by Sebastián Carreras, Gabriel Lucena and Isol. Sebastián is also the owner of indie label Índice Virgen, where he has released in Argentina several anthologies by such Elefant artists as LE MANS or Ana D. He writes the songs and the lyrics. Afterwards, Gabriel (a sound engineer for a living) transforms the songs into marvellous soundscapes, full with ideas and touches of great taste. To complete the process, Isol gives colour to the songs, which achieve a live of their own with her delicious accent and her ethereal voice. Isol dedicates her time to many artistic duties: she writes stories for children, she works as an illustrator, and she sings in a baroque music ensemble, even though with ENTRE RÍOS she sings in a pure pop context.

Sebastián and Gabriel started working together under the name of TUS HERMOSOS, and they even recorded an album. At the same time, Sebastián met Isol and offered her to sing a track which, even though it came out as TUS HERMOSOS, it meant the debut of ENTRE RÍOS.Índice Virgen released in Argentina two EPs by ENTRE RÍOS which were acclaimed by the specialized press: they turned out to be the most innovative and special recordings to come out that year, and they quickly got to the pole position in their country's avant-garde scene. In March 2001, Elefant released “Litoral”, a vinyl single which helped ENTRE RÍOS be known and listened to outside Argentina.

In Mayo 2002 they released “Idioma suave”, ENTRE RÍOS' debut album: thirteen songs that show the trio's possibilities; elegance, personality and beauty that caused commotion among pop fans everywhere. In November, ENTRE RÍOS came to Europe to play live the songs on “Idioma Suave”, and they advanced some of the songs on their second album, “Sal”, finally released in April 2003. “Sal” joins in an almost organic way pop and electronica, which is achieving more and more space in their creative process. The outcome is a record with a wide open style pattern, where we can find winding melodies and delicate pop passages, along with clearly electronic and avantgardist languages. A record of electronic-emotional music, but with its eyes put on a pop horizon and keeping that delicious dreamy language they expressed so well on their first album.

By the end of 2004 they included their song “Litoral” on the compilation record that goes along with the book “Curvas Peligrosas”, by well known Argentinian illustrator Maitena. In this record appears music chosen by the illustrator herself, and ENTRE RÍOS share this space with such contemporaries as Ana D, Juana Molina or Axel Krygier.

Taiwan's label Avant Garden Records releases in their territory “Idioma Suave”, joining American label Darla Records, which had already recorded both this album and also “Sal” in the United States.In 2005, Mexican label Zafra Música releases a compilation with the band's first recordings, and Canadian label Endearing Records (Julie Doiron...) releases a split single featuring ENTRE RÍOS and American synth-pop band MY FAVORITE, as a part of their Intercontinental Pop Exchange series. These series feature split singles shared by artists from different countries and different continents who also share a similar style and can appeal to similar audiences. Other artists featured in previous deliveries of these series have been SPEARMINT, THE LESLIES and ORWELL.

At least we can announce the release of the new album by ENTRE RÍOS, a new delivery of dreamy, experimental electronic pop from this Argentinian threesome that is slowly conquering the hearts of modern pop aficionados all over the world. This is their third album, even though it's the second one theyconceived as such ("Idioma suave" wasn't but a compilation of previous works). It took them three years to finally achieve this goal after the great feedback and the many concerts they did introducing "Sal" (2002) to the world, but the wait's been well worth it. After some time waiting for a reason or a signal exciting enough to make them start a new recording, in January 2005 they decided to just do a record they could enjoy playing live, which was honest and natural, which sounded as real people playing with their instruments. So they thought about synthesizers, real time sound modulations and work on these sounds following each track's own demanding atmosphere. Gabriel started playing his keyboards and recording them on his computer over the songs Sebastián kept passing him. Some of them didn't even have Isol's vocals on them, but the urgence and anxiety to listen to new tracks made them work so quickly. Between January and March 2005 they finished "Onda": so quick, so simple, an Argentinian summer record.

"Onda". Wave. We must talk about the meaning of this word in Argentinian: anything that's any good must have "onda". So this was also a simple decision: this record needed some "onda"! But musically, too, the title of the record tells us about the wave frequence modulations that form the sounds, a resource that has been largely used on this record to create the sounds from the synthesizers. On this note, in "Onda" ENTRE RÍOS confirm once and for all their love for that mixture of pop and electronica (as if FAMILY had been aware of Morr Music's catalogue, as they were once defined, although in this record everything gets simpler) that makes them so fascinating, and the sound of the synthesizers prevails all along the new record. There some keyboard sounds that sound very 80's, but in the context of electronic manipulation and the craft of songs already known from the ENTRE RÍOS catalogue. In "Drama", a song that has more than one stylistic wink to FAMILY (which adds to the fact that, once more, the beautiful artwork has been designed by Javier Aramburu), Isol sings: "I have fallen for doing ambient noise / I fell for digital noise". All of a statement for a band working on the present day, making pop music that sounds current and new, as it should be with any pop music.

Some of the tracks which form "Onda" were already a part of their live repertoire before they were recorded. This was something new for the band from Buenos Aires. We're talking about songs like "Cerca & extraño", "De tener" (one of the most sticky and easy-to-singalong on the record, along with "Claro que sí") and "Tantas veces", which went everywhere with the band on their tours during almost a year. The rest of the songs were written as they were recorded in the studio, but the outcome is equally brilliant in both cases. In the end, the music by ENTRE RÍOS sounds gorgeous and unique, dreamy ("La luna" is pure daydream) and light as a summer breeze (the melody on "Ya no me sorprendés", or the liquid arrangements on "Odisea"), but without giving heir backs to some reality bites in the form of a poetic protest. In the words of Sebastián, composer of the songs on this fantastic record by ENTRE RÍOS: "my bandmates laugh at me when I tell them that we wrote a protest song on this album, it's called "Sobra". I wrote it because I never get used to see people eating and picking up trash in the streets of Buenos Aires, the city where we live in...".


released June 13, 2005

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Track Name: Cerca & Extraño
Hablo de caer
Porque no te quiero perder
Y si después de tanto intento
Sigo enterándome de ti

Nadie tomará
Otra medida para actuar
Sinceramente a tu lado
Me veo cerca y extraño

Estar hasta
Que no haya nada mas que hablar
Decirte todo
Sentirte tanto o...

No dejaría que
Nunca me pongas lejos
Ya no te soy ajeno

No te vayas si
Aun estoy despierto
Aunque esto sea un sueño
Track Name: Detener
Puedo detenerme justo para
Detenerte y no hay calma
Sin decirte una palabra
Más que antes de ayer
Era siempre después
¿Y qué pasa
Si te digo hasta mañana?

Yo me siento que
Junto a tu lado
Yo me siento que
Junto a tu lado
Yo me siento que
Un poco más cerca
Un poco más cerca
Lejos de tener
Lejos de tener
Track Name: Ya No Me Sorprendés
Ya no me sorprendés
Tiento al destino amable
Justo a tiempo para saber
No voy a equivocarme tanto

Como me gusta ver
Como me gusta verte en las mañanas
Cuando salís
Puesta de sol a sol, implica

Algo de mí, no queda nada
Algo de mí, no te hace falta
O ya no te da calma
Ánimo que eres mía ahora

Habla que sola sos
Toda la inspiración que mueve
Todo lo que es de dios
Menos la religión inmóvil

Eres la creación
El fruto mas intenso tuyo
Frágil como el amor
Frágil como las cosas rotas

Algo de mí, no queda nada
Algo de mí, no te hace falta
O ya no te da calma
Ánimo que eres mía ahora
Track Name: Drama
Aturdido de noche y días, confundido
No hice nada de nada
Gracias por la distancia, que no alcanza
En este drama me haces falta

He caído para hacer ruido ambiental
Me caí por el sonido que hace mal

Cuida de las palabras, que me atrapan
Que te nombran, que me callan
Cubrime de esos versos, que no riman
Y acarician las caídas

Salva para esta noche, otro día
Cuidame de otra tarde de drama

He caído para hacer ruido ambiental
Me caí por el sonido que hace mal
Track Name: Claro Que Sí
Soy como todos
Sonreiré si no es verdad
Buena pregunta
Pero no sé como empezar

Claro que sí
Claro que vine por ti
Claro que sí
Claro que vine por ti

Y si no estás
No será igual

Ahora quizá
Digamos nada para actuar
Dí las palabras
Que no podré coleccionar

Claro que sí
Claro que vine por ti
Claro que sí
Claro que vine por ti

Y si no estás
No será igual

Dulce es el camino
Camino hacia vos
Track Name: Odisea
Quise odisea más que océano
Que cambie como el mar
Quizá distinto sea verte aquí
Como sirena

Antes de inventar te creo
Más que imaginar te siento

Aquí, lejos de mi, esperando
Así, me seguiré acercando

Existe un mundo bajo el suelo
Ahí soy un hipocampo
Verdad de agua o tal vez sed de amor
Azul marino

Antes de inventar te creo
Más que imaginar te siento

Así, todo esto que me pierde
Es más mío de lo que tengo
Track Name: La Luna
Esta tarde está al caer
Tan fuerte como quién
Piensa: es tan tarde

La noche es suave
Para oír, y a tiempo estoy aquí
Diciendo que te quiero

Ya sé, que vivo en la luna
¿O cerca del sol?

Mañana habrá luz de mañana
Tu misma voz temprana
Que ilumina

De tanto en tanto, a cada paso
El día irá entregándote
A mis brazos

Ya sé, que vivo en la luna
¿O cerca del sol?

Ya sé, que vivo en la luna
O cerca del dios
Que es amor
Como vos y yo
Track Name: Inocencia
Veo trepar esta inocencia
Con la misma inconsciencia
Que me lleva a tus brazos
Y mal para mí
Mal para mí

Eso es todo
Tuyo soy
Eso es todo
Tuyo soy sólo
Un espiral hacia ti
Track Name: Tantas Veces
Tantas veces te vi
Dispuesto a recordar
Tantas flores de abril
Dispuesto a deshojar
Todo porque viene va

Tengo ganas de gritar

Creo que sí
Mi memoria dice no
Creo que sí
Mi memoria dice

Más para los demás

Tantas veces te vi
Tantas veces te vi
Track Name: Sobra
Donde vivís te sobra
Yo nunca pido más
Lo que queda
Es siempre menos

Voy hacia el campo, y ahí hay
Un grito familiar
Y todos dan
Más de lo que tienen

Decime si hay
Algún lugar que tenga
Mediodías para dar

Ahora hay hambre otra vez
Ves, ahora hay hambre a tus pies
Track Name: Altas Horas
Son altas horas
Y vuelvo a bajar
Tantas cosas
Vuelven a empezar

Tu alma, viste temprano
Mi cuerpo, has despertado

Y aún, ni toda oscuridad me detendrá
Yo solo seguiré tu voluntad
Espero, que alumbres, quiero que me des la luz
Tan sólo quiero verte una vez más