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“Misery and Lies” is BEEF’s fifth album. They are one of the most creative, risky and uncompromisingly independent Spanish bands. They have managed to follow a very interesting and truly coherent career, while being completely apart from any current trend or craze.

BEEF are formed in 1993 in St Feliú de Llobregat (Barcelona) around David Rodríguez. David had already showed good skills with his previous band, BACH IS DEAD. Alongside with other bands like USURA, PENELOPE TRIP or EL REGALO DE SILVIA, BACH IS DEAD were one of the most important and earlier nineties independent bands in Spain. The four bands toured around the country in 1992.

After this tour BACH IS DEAD split and David decided to start from scratch under the name of BEEF. “Beef Songs”, the band’s first album, is released by La Fábrica Magnética in 1993.

Another indie label -Acuarela- releases BEEF’s second album in 1995: “Tongues”. This one would be exceptionally well received by press and media, due to its perfect blending of pop, kraut-rock, noise rock and experimental moods. The album was recorded in New York with the production of Kramer, eccentric American genius responsible of, among many other works, the crystal-like sound of GALAXIE 500’s masterpieces. On “Tongues” we can find BEEF’s classic line-up, which will remain almost the same for then on: David (guitar and vocals), Juanjo (guitar and vocals), Blas (drums) and Joanra (bass, the only one who is no longer in the band). Plus a list of assorted contributors, as BEEF’s line-up is as open and unpredictable as their music. “Tongues” would be reissued by Elefant in 1999, with the songs from previous single “Beef Sings” as bonus tracks.

Elefant has lodged the band’s career since 1996, when “Adult oriented rock” extended EP is released. Next year “Fi-qasr sheik al-dabant” album is out, and 1998 brings its follow-up, “España a las ocho”. All of them managed to appear in the press polls of best albums of the year.

BEEF are also usually in the bills of the best Spanish music festivals (FIB, BAM, Doctor Music). Despite the band’s hyperactivity, David always makes time for sideprojects like TELEFILME, a collaboration with Tito Pintado (ex-PENELOPE TRIP, ANTI) with two albums also in Elefant.

BEEF come back with their new album “Misery and Lies”, a new essay on how to make edgy guitar rock, looking for the ballance between top-drawer pop melodies and raging sonic attacks. In this new trip into the unknown BEEF were accompanied by a notorious partner: Wharton Tiers, sound engineer of most SONIC YOUTH masterpieces, and a name easy to find in some of the best American noise albums of the nineties, signed by DINOSAUR JR or PUSSY GALORE.

Wharton has managed to turn BEEF’s sound into something really threatening and strained: those guitars had seldom roared with such impressing strength. Neither the band’s melodic skills had been shown in such a transparent way. The first track, “My bitch friend”, put things clear in this sense. It’s followed by thirty seconds of white noise (“Nose”) to remind us where these guys come from. And then there’s a rock bomb called “Misery”, which catches the band in a real sonic rage. From that moment, the most shocking sound experiments (“Soap”, the long “El final de una carrera”, a song that melts in your ears little by little) alternate with excellent pop songs, maybe the most accesible ones the band’s written so far: don’t miss the superb closing track (“Highlights”) or the song that had already appeared in our “Verano del 99” compilation (“Cosmopolitan”).

As usual, this is combined with the peculiar sense of humour of the band, shown in titles as “Communism for beginners”. We can even listen to some singing in Spanish (“Voces extrañas”), something not done since “Comiendo berenjenas”, a track from BEEF’s 1993 debut album. Though this time lyrics and vocals come from Jesús, a friend that appeared on the studio that day, and wrote and sung his part on the spot!

Seven years later, the band is still making the most exciting, compelling rock sounds in the Spanish alternative scene. This time their songs come dressed in a truly high-quality, international sound, that will place them among the riskiest worldwide acts.


released February 23, 2000


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Track Name: My Bitch Friend
My bitch friend, you’re divine, constellations on your side, got my mind set even now
Lazy sounds are falling out from my mouth getting lazy every day
Life is clear, life is not, let me drive you thru the storm
Never working, stomachache, milg and blood, dirt and cake
Isn’t me. Isn’t you
By myself incomplete
Waiting more this I need
Over me, over you
Track Name: Misery
The absolutely useless dada rock that we tried to spread
That what accepted by stablishment althought no one bother to listen
(Prove that)
This is a business of misery and lies
This is a business of misery and lies
This is a business of misery and lies
This is a business of misery and lies
Cynics with money playing patty hearst, false poets adoring their cocks, inocuous
Managers bring the capital, leisure workers tied to an opinion (prove that)
This is a business of misery and lies
This is a business of misery and lies
This is a business of misery and lies
This is a business of misery and lies
Track Name: Unreal Journey
To the place of love, what are we thinking of?
Every little town, festivals around
Everything is free: Of course, we all agree.
Are there people there hanging upside down?
Conversations guide for a damaged pride
What’s the colour now?, you’ve changed somehow
Festivals in town, tales of killer fruits
Wrapped in spider webs like helpless insects away
Track Name: Cosmopolitan
Oh, no! Here comes the fever
It takes shapes of sound; it takes shapes of silence
Oh, no! It activates a sixth sense
I think I am insane, the doctor gives me pills
My god!, I know, I am an island
I remember Ray Davies
They say a name
Another panic attack another panic attack
It makes my time slow
It makes my time slow
Track Name: Poetics
Night is thick, moonless sky, think again, wonder why
We all pass this way long forgotten
We all past this way long forgotten
Fingertips on glossy pictures, fading fuzzy faces
They greet me as we fly, seeking bodies warm, not forgotten
We all pass this way long forgotten
We all pass this way long forgotten
Track Name: Soziety Sucks
Society sucks, system stinks
Can you tell me to love my future?
Society sucks, system stinks
Or can you give me some ideals?
Society sucks, system stinks
Can you decide where is my place?
Society sucks, system stinks
But dont leave me alone in this town
Society sucks, system stinks
I change your time for my mind, I change my hands for all that I need
Everything you want is yours, babe
Society sucks, system stinks
Bore me with my life story
Society sucks, system stinks
Please, make me feel dead
Society sucks, system stinks
To attack my family with guns
Society sucks, system stinks
Can you make my days shorter
Society sucks, system stinks
Can you make me hate, my love?
Society sucks, system stinks
Spell my face in your dreams
Society sucks, system stinks
I change your time for my mind, I change my hands for all that I need
Everything you want is yours, babe
Society sucks, system stinks
Bore me with my life story
Society sucks, system stinks
Please, make me feel dead
Track Name: Backstreeta Y Los Bakalaeros Maquis
Always dancing, screaming pijas, malos pelos, backstreet...

Voces extrañas
Voces extrañas
Oyendo pasar
Última vez
Track Name: Teen
I’m looking at photos. I don’t like your face
You’re beautiful buy I prefer you teenage
Man of simple feelings, my memories fade, I spit the colours
I prefer you free. Now, please, shut your mouth and let it all go
Don’t rescue me again
Bury me in this town
I’m looking at photos
I don’t like your face
You’re beautiful buy I prefer you teenage
Track Name: Communism For Beginners
La guerrilla urbana tiene como fin tocar el aparato de estado en puntos muy precisos
Poneros fuera de servicio
Destruir el mito de la omnipresencian y la invulnerabilidad del sistema
La guerrilla urbana es la lucha antiimperialista ofensiva
O somos parte del problema o de la solución
Pero en medio no hay nada
Track Name: Highlights
The fast way to success
A theatre with lights
Laberynth of shadows
And earthly delights
Popular garden in the land of the rich
Multiclonning reality: Choose what you like
The wrong can be righted
But not all the time
They make me speak this
But that’s not a crime
So I am all right
You say you’re ok
Just waiting for highlights