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Elefant Records’ Singles Club is now at its best moment, definitely settled and offering its members real collector’s items by internationally renowned bands, worthy of being shown at an outstanding place of the best pop collections.
Of course, we also discover new talents to your curious ears, though some times it turns out that behind that talent we find people who is well known and appreciated to all of us. This happens with SHE*RIFF, a side-project of Natalia, singer in Spanish all-girl band NOSOTRÄSH, and Borja, from JR (formerly ELIMINATOR JR), who start a new career with this single, showing an admirable personality and sound of their own.
The two exceptional songs included on this precious wine coloured piece of vinyl sound like a modern version of the first records by LOVE AND ROCKETS or TONES ON TAIL, sifted by the unavoidable influence of trip-hop and a lo-fi, meaningly bizarre attitude which relates SHE*RIFF to such bands as SUKIA, ANOTHER DOG or even AIR or Barry Adamson, all for different reasons.
The violins on “Le’Soll” create atmospheres which range fromthe restless and mysterious to the truly oppressive, accentuated by the vocal sampling, the whispers and their way to pull the vocals in the melody.
“Assul” shows Natalia with a sunnier voice, answering and interlacing Borja’s whispers in another sensual, exciting song, the perfect B-side for the best single to launch this side-project of two versatile musicians from Gijón.


released February 19, 1998


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Track Name: Le'Soll
See my face see my eyes
I'm waiting for look inside
Rain or snow it's alright

Everything I know is that you stay away from me
Everything I feel is that I love you girl anyway

Yes I need to cry, yea I need it
Always making plans
Just never ever never do
Why's so hard to me
To talk just for a while
When I nearly get you
Track Name: Assul
So you why
Well, maybe change my words
Hate me kiss me deadly
Within trains movie
Tears soaking my injuries
Hurt grieved dissapointing

Explaining the day or explaining my life
Shit you'll not be here
I'm crawling inside

Watch out the screen
Listen to those guys
It seems to be done for each other
So what do you feel
Think yourself I'm not real?
To ignore me
Hate grieveness love delusion