Hypnotic Eye


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Formed after what was left of the lo-fi band The Throat (with a single released on Acuarela) and the almost forgotten surf-punk The Woodies, Union Wireless try to combine the spontaneity of live music with a more worked-out studio sound. Always starting with the melody (the more simple, the better) combined with studied and constant rhythms, the results may well end up in 14-minutes improvisations (Can, not Zappa) or short tracks of melancholic pop.

Union Wireless work with the calculated simplicity, where a note is better than three. Their first single, “Hypnotic Eye”, was recorded during a weekend in the famous London Toe Rag studios with the most impressive results. In the A side, “Hypnotic Eye” shows a on-line rhythm along the whole song wrapped around by sharp and circle keyboards with ocasional explosions of totally deranged guitars. All the references you can think of will give you no clues. The flipside, “Come And Tell Me”, is more private and controlled, filled with dark sincerity.

After the release of the single, the band will play some gigs in England and some European cities, and their consolidation will get to the top with the release of their debut Lp in early 96. An uncut diamond.


released January 4, 1996


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Track Name: Hypnotic Eye
To cross a certain line
So I can stop and sit and slowly start to unwind

And after all this time
There has to be a little piece of me in your mind
Track Name: Come And Tell Me (Original Version)
Come and tell me that I ever made a difference to you
And then tell me that you’re watching everything that I do
Feels good to me, feels good to me
And that is all that matters

In a lucid moment Ill think how far on I could be
But the difference left from A to B is just what scares me
Feels good to me, feels good to me
And that is all that matters