Happy New Year 2008!


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To celebrate the holidays, we have finally made our long-awaited wish come true by creating a festive holiday Single to give away to our mates!

With this single we would like to give thanks to everyone who has helped us througout the years, especially fans of the label, without their help none of this would be imposible. A special single with songs which will make us forget all the hard times and help us ring in the New Year with bells and whistles. This single will be freely given to anyone who purchases an Elefant order which exceeds 20 euros. For those of you who would like to have more copies to give as holiday gifts to friends and ring in the New Year, there is also the option to buy it at a reduced price.

Four songs from the latest signed Elefant artists. The most recent one, THE SCHOOL, a project of 8 restless musicians from Cardiff which put out their first song precisely on this single. Last September, they packed their bags and moved off to London to record, under the guidance of Ian Catt, seven delicious songs which will be put out in two singles at the beginning of the year, a sweet and exquisite carol with a very 50’s holiday pop feel to it. Caitlin and Sauna [they are only 6 years old!], our kids HELEN LOVE show their adoration of Joey Ramone is more alive than ever and continues throughout the generations, they create a snowman out of Joey Ramone and this way, Santa Claus won’t have any problems finding them!! Absolutely adorable! CORAZÓN inspires us with their brilliant, sad and melancholic carol highlighted with rural folk strokes, providing an authentic flavour of Christmas. Carlos and Nando are placing the final touches to their new and highly anticipated album, an album which includes the production of Ibon Errazkin, practically guaranteeing a classic spot in the Elefant catalogue. To culminate the single, Nicole and P, our friends from Hong Kong, wanted to celebrate the holidays in a special way; they always mention their friends in their songs, so it is of no surprise that the protagonists are the recently married Por and Mach to the happy Newlyweds!


released December 18, 2007

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Track Name: THE SCHOOL - Kiss You In The Snow
Winter’s here, get your mittens on
Soon we’ll sing around the Christmas tree
I can’t wait anymore
Cos it won’t be long til I kiss you in the snow

But I pretend every time it comes around
So happy Christmas
And there won’t be celebrations
And there won’t be hallelujahs
And so it goes, if you won’t be back for Christmas
I’ll just pretend it’s still Christmas Eve

It’s been so long since you were here
I know you’re coming back one day
Cos I recall not so long ago
When I looked up and kissed you in the snow

But I pretend every time it comes around
So happy Christmas
And there won’t be celebrations
And there won’t be hallelujahs
And so it goes, if you won’t be back for Christmas
I’ll just pretend it’s still Christmas Eve
Track Name: CORAZÓN - El Regalo
Cuando me puse a husmear
En el bolsillo de tu abrigo
No me esperaba encontrar
Lo que en silencio había querido

Me hacía tanta ilusión
Todo dió un vuelco en un segundo
Secretos no sé guardar
Y se lo dije a todo el mundo

Vaya chasco me llevé
Más que chasco fue un traspiés
Tonto yo que presumí
Y eso no era para mí

Me fui a mi habitación
Dejando a todos en la cena
Debajo del edredón
Lloré como una madalena

Aún así me levanté
Tuve fuerzas y brindé
Tú te acercaste a mi
Yo no supe que decir