Flying In The Blue Sky On A Frying Pan


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ryan allen
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ryan allen Loved the few songs that I could ever get my hands on back in the day. Bandcamp hooked up the full album. Superb Asian pop! Favorite track: Martin.
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bee Hong Konger must know Favorite track: A.
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Welcome to the charming pop world of THE PANCAKES; in other words, the world of a girl from Hong Kong called Dejay that writes and performs truly endearing pop music.

After being part of bands such as THE POSTCARD, GINGER BISCUITS or THE TRICYCLE RIDERS, one day Dejay decided to start making music on her own. Besides making music she also organizes gigs, writes a fanzine called “Sofa” and runs her own label, Rewind Records. Here she releases not only PANCAKES stuff but also by other bands, like French outfit CARTOUCH.

Maybe you first met Dejay through “Captain curtain”, the seven inch by THE PANCAKES that we released in our single club some months ago. Now we present her first album for Elefant, which consists in a selection of the best songs out of her two albums, originally released only for Hong Kong.

Despite being very young and having quite a brief career, Dejay has already managed to obtain certain success in her country. Her two albums have worked pretty well there, and some of her songs have been used in tv commercials and shows. For example, “Patronage” (included in this album) was used in a tv commercial for one of the most important banks in Hong Kong. Dejay herself appears on another commercial, this time for an electric company, talking about how she started making music as THE PANCAKES. She has even written some songs for a very famous and very international brand of Spanish beer!

The sound of THE PANCAKES can be defined as happy endearing techno pop, bouncy and colourful. The natural charms of her music are enhanced by that loving naïve touch only to be found in some Eastern pop bands, so we cannot help thinking of the likes of SHONEN KNIFE, specially when Dejay uses her native Chinese in tracks such as “Mood yau guy why”. We could also file her close to Uk’s SUPERCUTE (a band Dejay admires) or Elefant popsters LA MONJA ENANA. Pop effervescence for all the family.

Opening “Abenteuer” and its delightful chorus; “Stupid star”, also included in our “Elefant dosmiluno” sample; the lovingly absurd “Nonsense poetry” ... these are just some of the most outstanding tracks in the album. Though each and every one will make you smile and enjoy the world of THE PANCAKES.


released November 5, 2001


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Track Name: Abenteur
We set off on a sunny day
We were trying to run away
There is nothing to be afraid of
Everything we do shows we're brave

I wanna know what is in my hand
Oh tomorrow they will understand

I couldn't stand still
You couldn't stand still
He couldn't stand still
We couldn't stand still

She couldn't stand still
It couldn't stand still
They couldn't stand still
We all couldn't stand still
I couldn't stand still

Foolish people do stupid things
I fly over seas with my wings
Clever people tell clever lies
I wish I were also that smart to try

Happiness far away
On and on we chase along
Track Name: A
How we like to try
How I try to try
This is my simple mind

I don't wanna ask why
I know it will be fine

How we like to try
How they like to like
These are their simple minds

I don't wanna tell why
Cos I know it will be fine
Track Name: Stupid Star
Hey superstar
Driving in expensive cars
Stupid accent stupid tone
Disguised in designer clothes

Hi superstar
I heard you returned from mars
But who was the one
Whom I met every day

I say come on fellas hey hey hey
Everyone has gone astray
Ok hey hey hey
What you say they will obey

Ok let's celebrate
Cos everybody thinks you're right
Satisfied on the stage
Listening to the young girls (boys) scream

I wanna know what you have
Making all the fellas swing
They live just for you
Ok let's celebrate
Track Name: Dractsopeht
I'm having such a good time
Do you know
You can join me anytime you please
As if i were riding in a boat
I can smile but don't have to say

Now my wish has come true
Though my dream hasn't yet come true

Julian can't keep a straight face
And he looks like japanese
Bruno's got a lovely bass
All his records i wanna steal

I wouldn't think too much
Cos I know it would be too much

We ain't the first band on the moon
But still we ain't one in the bin
We don't need the curtains at all
Cos we want the sunshine in
Track Name: Hey Hey
Track Name: Nonsense Poetry
Here it comes the sun
Here it comes the number one
Struggling through the rain
Smuggled in a non-stop train

If you come
Come by run
It will bring us much more fun

Playing puns
Eating buns
Doing what we haven’t done

Write me however you won’t
Listen to what you can’t hear
Touch what you’re unable to feel
Sniff what you’re unable to smell

Now the drugs won’t work
And the memories only hurt
Sit where as I please
Writing nonsense poetries

What if I’ve eaten your popcorn
Would it turn you on
What if I tell you sunday is gone
Would you blow the horn
Track Name: Martin
Maybe 21st is not the right time
Perhaps my expectation was a little bit high
Or maybe cos I was still drunk since may
Or between us there’s nothing to say

To be frank I have fogotten your voice
To be honest I can`t even remember your face
Somehow in my heart you’ve occupied a place
Every now and then you make me fall
You bring me sore

So by the time you come passing by
I knew it was all designed
I knew there’s no place where I could hide
You know I can`t decide
You know I can’t deny

So by the time you gave my your smile
And then you left me behindoh martin you messed it all up
So how you took me up into the sky
Let me fall and let me cry

All along I’d been waiting for your call
After all just a simple lie is nothing at all
But you’ve decided not to call anyway
Cos between us there is really nothing to say

So by the time you came kissing me
You know you’re confusing me
Oh martin you know it’s all wrong
So how you threw me up into the sky
Shot me down and said goodbye
Track Name: Skinner's Mouse
What they think that suits the norm
The proper uniform

So I went into the bank
And gave up all the bands
Spent my whole life’s savings
In those so-called basic wears

That’s not what I want
But people always say that
You can’t make cows bend their necks
If they don’t wanna drink

Then I walked down the streets
With pride and prejudice
But those with trendy clothes on
Then of something else they’re fond

So I went to the bank
And asked them for a hand
But they didin’t give a damn
Cos no gun’s in my hand

Not regret what I’ve done
Just rue what’s given up
Cos all my previous favourite bands’ve
Become their favourite now
Track Name: I Didn't Mind
I really want some happiness and sadness
Could you give me some
Everybody says I’m too stupid
Can I accept it

Take a look at the moon in the sky
Shining at very him
I thought about it and smiled
In fact I didn’t mind

Take a look at my face
It’s full of tears
But it doesn’t mean that I’m sad
It doesn’t mean that my heart is broken

I made a dream
Barbecuing on the beach
Everybody was equally happy
They felt wary
I don’t wanna be controlled
I wanna fly into the night sky
To say hallo to the little stars

Though I smile
Though I seem to have a good life
It doesn’t mean that I’m happy
It doesn’t mean that it’s the truth

I made a dream
Building sand castle on the beach
As a matter of fact
Everybody was only me myself
Londy alone
I believe everything in the dream
It’s too red
I don’t know how to while away
Every second every minute happily
Track Name: Sometimes I Just Can't Remember All The Things We Did Together
All those thick books that we read together
I burnt them cos I felt cold in the summer
The wind is so storng it blew up all the pages
They flew round me, trapped me like three hundred cages
All those things we told each other
Today I can’t remember any longer
I tried to run my diary get some memories
But in vain cos I don’t even remember you name

Something in my mind
Keeps me from knowing what’s inside
From time to time
I ask why...
Not because I wonder why
I wanna fly not because I have seen the blue sky

So many desires
For all the things we choose in our lives
Do you have time to get tired
When you are just a passer by
It’s time to realise it’s all designed

All dishes we cooked together
They tasted sweet but now they ‘ve all gone bitter
Still i keep them in my refrigerator
They stink so much but I eat them as appetizers

All those dreams we made together
Like bubbles they flew up and burst in the air
Once we were naive enought to chase after them
We used to fall but hey so what
We’re truly happy
Track Name: Patronage
Beauty you may have it on your face
But you haven’t goty enough grace
To be a million welcomed babe

Sorry I think you’re far too vain
But you haven’t goty enough brains
To be a paerson that I respect
Flowery and complicated writing
Is a sign of intellectual strength
No comment on all everyday happenings
Is a prerequisite to be cool
Oh I’d better shut my mouth

Speaking freench to those who don’t know it
Is a way to show that you’re superior
Let’s roll our tongues without necessity
So all of the people will think we are well-educated
Track Name: I Know
I’ve got a house but its not my home
I’ve got some friends but I’m still alone
I’ve got a dream but it won’t come true
This I know

I know the stars twinkle every night
I see the clouds bloccking all the light
I know that we can’t be together even if we want
I know I know

And so the sunset sunrise I’m used to
And all the days and weeks and years I’ve gone through
The weather is too much too cold here
I’d rather stay there for the rest of my life

I’ve got some clothes but I still feel cold
I’ve tried to try but they still says no
I feel so lonely all the time but there’s no one to hold

I p ushed the door but it’s too be pulled
I went along and became a fool
I went to buy the trumpet I’d been saving for
But it’s sold it’s sold it’s sold
Track Name: Jim
Though you’ve got a girlfriend
I still wanna hold your lovely hand

I feel a bit guilty
And I know she will be mad at me
Sunday afternoon you don’t have to work
But you have to go and see her kiss her
I wish it were just my hallucination

Oh jim
Could you just indulge me
It seems
Instead you will ignore me
They couldn’t help but laugh at me

I left you a message
And now you know that i fall for you
Now it’s gone to this stage
And everyone thinks that I’m fool

Will I be able to be her one day
To accompany you along the way
Will you ask me out in a sunny sunday afternoon
Track Name: The Aeroplane Game
I like imagining randomly alone
Sitting under a tree suddenly singing randomly
Mayb ein daily life you also like doing so
I also like travelling round randomly in a bus

looking at the landscapes around
Like having a date with the stars exploring the sky
I never care about the people and things around me
I have my own way to be happy
In the daydream no control is needed
When I see you my face gets hot
I don’t wanna think of anything else
You and I holding our hands flying in the sky
In dhe daydream no border is needed
I like going to the park running around randomly thre
Staring at the sontes on the ground shouting randomly
Maybe in fact you and I are the same
I also like imagining travelling in a trin
Coming right towards you
Like you and I jumping into a spaceship visiting yours