España A Las Ocho


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“España A Las Ocho” mixes the “progressive” parts (can we still speak of post-rock?) of “Fi Qasr...”, BEEF’s previous album, with the directness of “AOR”, their first mini-CD for Elefant. Visually it is undoubtedly a BEEF album, with that characteristic artwork which gives them from the start a distinguished and attractive personality. Musically, it’s a varied and experimental record, or as jokingly defined by David (singer and guitarist, as well as creative half of TELEFILME), a record full of ballads and prog-rock (though they take these concepts to the limit and add them new incentives for the restless ear).

But this experimental vocation doesn’t stop them from writing songs full of pop spirit (“See You In Australia”, or “In The Beginning”, with that vague and charmingly amateur start), or other American sounding aggressive rock, the true punk-rock for the 90’s (“Individual Forms And Worms”, “Integral”). Their lack of prejudices even lets them pulling out a beginning which we could dare to call folk-rock (“Apolo”) or using ethnic samplings and free jazz structures in a theme precisely conducted by the drums (“Basauri”).

The sampler has been an important instrument in this album, and it also helps us to have a quick glance at the brilliant record collection of its creators (and to check once more their intuition when it comes to choose the sampled artists): NURSE WITH WOUND, Jerry Goldsmith, SUICIDE, Ornette Coleman... Well, and also Joanra’s car, and Barcelona street... No idea is too wild for BEEF’s creative world: from chewing crisps at the end of a song to record such bizarre but effective backing vocals on “Lubrica”, the first song on the album, or asking for the help of avant-garde musicians from Barcelona like Mark Cunningham (ex-MARS, RAEO) or Jacob Draminsky, everything is useful to achieve the band’s goal: to keep stepping forward towards the evolution of rock. A target they always hit with each new record.


released February 19, 1998


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Track Name: Individual Forms And Worms
Individual feelings around my neck
Sweet coming rose is on your wear
Same people tell me that we are right
Same people tell me that I am wrong
Eyes burning, enlightning nights
Deepest ocean, emotional rights
And I see, I see weapons
I see bombs, individual forms
And I'm getting old
Getting getting getting old
Physical attraction is everywhere
Physical attraction as underwear
Individual feelings around my neck
Something evil in my home
Something evil growing old
Growing old
Counting time
Getting old
Track Name: Apolo
Six - lines
Seven - years
Eight - house
Nine - changing faces
Now it's too late but I want to be sublime
One year over
If I cross the line it must be heaven or ground
One year over
Come on lay me down or make me feel like a star
One year over
Cycles running
Track Name: Finger Prinze
Easter lady, finger prinze, you know
I believe in all the clouds we made
Now, it's time to repeat all my life
We must change the things we think they're bad
Easter lady, finger prinze, you know
Phil Spector makes the sounds that you want
What's the meaning?, what's the meaning?
Phil Spector creates all my songs
Track Name: Lighter On My Balls
I'm alone in my fever, in my heart attack
You're rolling my brain like spiral stairs
I'm alone in my breakdown
Now hate will tear us apart again
Track Name: In The Beginning
In the beginning there is no light
When it gets dark fear comes to shine
Send me a postcard from Portugal
Write on me write on me
In the beginning there is no light
When it gets dark fear comes to shine
Some day our barge will find its shore
Some day our souls will feel much better
The moon is closed
Nowhere to go
Our way is lost
Nowhere to go
White Renault Five
Our way is lost
Track Name: Falguera
We hate you
This is the end of a cycle
We hate you
This song must change your world
We hate you
This song must change your world
We hate you
We are so tired, but we are proud
We hate you
Your stupid face says that you are alone
Track Name: See You In Australia
See you in Australia or in the bikini upstairs
Repeat the blossoms: Stephen is in the toilette
Junk in the fever. I feel so bad under your hair
How long can I stand?