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STORMCLOUDS “The boy with x-ray eyes”
This British duo had already released a brilliant single (“The 2-Dimensional Man”) on Elefant, and now present us an advance of what will be their first CD, “Cosmic Creatures From Outer Space”. Shiny happy futuristic fuzz-pop with outer space imagery, à la REZILLOS.

HEAVENLY “Mark angel”
An advance of their new album, “Operation Heavenly”, released in Europe via Wiiija, in the USA via K Records and in Spain via Elefant. Possibly, their most complete record; from a band internationally renowned, respected and admired in the independent scene all over the world. This is the band’s fourth record (apart from the previous experience of some of its members in TALULAH GOSH and other parallel bands such as BUGBEAR, or their countless singles on such famous labels as Sarah Records), and it’s the second one they release on Elefant after the compilation “This Is Heavenly”, which stated how rightful their legend is.

Taken from their latest CD-single, “Cloverleaves”, which includes four new songs and reclaims the song “Committed” from their previous single, “Stoned Joy”. The band from Mallorca had already released on Elefant their debut EP, “Perverse Gift”, as well as their first album, “Honey Langstrumpf”, where they expressed their like for melodies and the best pop, from STONE ROSES to TEENAGE FANCLUB or EUGENIUS, via RIDE’s ambient pop.

EGGPLANT “Can’t be better than this”
Taken from their first LP/CD, which promises to be this year’s debut with its moving mixture of HEAVENLY, ELASTICA, FASTBACKS and MAMBO TAXI. The LP is called “Catboy”, and has a different cover than the CD, which is titled “Catgirl”. The trio from London had released on Elefant to this date the single “Crushed By Ale”, as well as three other singles on American labels Bus Stop and Pop Narcotic.

PO! “Engineering”
Band from Leicester, fronted by Ruth Miller, with three albums yet and songs on singles and compilations on the most renowned indie labels in the world.They’ve got their own label, Rutland Records. Elefant will shortly release a compilation with the best songs in the band’s history, including this “Engineering”, after having already released them two singles (“When” and the just appeared “A Page A Day”).

MAYLOVE “My own fellowship”
Advance of what will be the first LP by this Japanese band fronted by singer Mami Otomo (from the celebrated BRIDGE). Pop with no date, instantaneous, which we could already taste on their previous Elefant single, “Girl Of A Girl Dreaming”.

LE MANS “Lucien”
Taken from the elegant “Saudade”, their latest album, recently released in Japan via Tokuma Japan (the same company that runs BETTIE SERVEERT, CHINA DRUM or THE CHARLATANS in Japan). LE MANS are undoubtedly the most international among Spanish bands: apart from “Saudade”’s release in Japan, within a short time a single will be released in the USA, as well as a CD with their two first albums will appear in the US and Japan; likewise, they will release a 10” in England (via If Records), and by the end of the year Bungalow (a City Slang subsidiary), will release “Zerbina”, their dance remixes CD-mx, in the rest of Europe. The song included on “Elefant Radio” will appear as well, remixed by Spanish DJ Pez, on their forthcoming CD-single “Jonathan Jeremiah”, due to be released after the summer.

LOONS “Wednesday”
An advance of what will be the first LP by this French duo, being their first recording ever too. They play in a very acoustic style, being influenced by bands such as MARINE GIRLS or Cherry Red label’s, though with arrangements which might remind you of DUBSTAR, ST ETIENNE or FAMILY themselves.

NOTHING “How to destroy rock”
Taken from their latest CD-single, “Songs To Make You Happy”, featuring five new, previously unreleased songs by this band from Zaragoza, proving too well what they pointed out on both their single “Bite” and their LP “Orange Park”: melodic, perfectly crafted pop, close to the pop skills of VELVET CRUSH or the bands on Bus Stop label. Their second album is going to be produced by 18 WHEELER’s Sean Jackson.

TELEFILME “Teenage siouxsie”
he band is formed by Tito (singer in PENELOPE TRIP) and David (BEEF’s leader). “Teenage Siouxsie” has been taken from their splendid LP “Fade In /Fade Out”, unanimously declared by the media as the best Spanish LP in 1995. Within a brief period they will release”The Mix”, a single featuring three new, previously unreleased songs, included on Elefant Records’ Singles Club third delivery.

Taken from their latest CD-single, “Ultrasónica”. The band’s evolution since their first EP “Drive Wheel” has been really striking. Both the LP “Cesárea” and the singles “Sixty” and “Slow Song” kept taking up the quality level, until they got to the unquestionable personality of “Ultrasónica”.

UNION WIRELESS “I’m not used to it”
Taken from their LP “Saturn Ascension Experiments”. Formerly known as THROAT, this band from London draw hypnotic landscapes that are inspired both in jazz and krautrock, as in their own introspection, a result of a lot of hours jamming at the rehearsing room. Experimental, cryptic pop for uneasy ears.

PRIBATA IDAHO “Alone in the clouds”
Historical band, seminal in the evolution and development of the Spanish independent scene. They wise, personally combine their classic influences (BEATLES, BYRDS...) with other present- day ones (TEENAGE FANCLUB, POSIES, VELVET CRUSH...). The song featured in this CD belongs to their first single on Elefant, “Flowers And Bad Seeds”.

Best representatives of mod-beat style in Spain since they formed ten years ago, they have countless fans all over the country and abroad, due both to their numerous and memorable gigs and to their six albums. On them, they render homage to such legendary groups as THE WHO, SMALL FACES, EASYBEATS... though they don’t look down on bands which currently share their influences, such as SUPERGRASS, DODGY or WHITEOUT. “Cansado” is a song taken from their latest mini-LP, “Días Grises”.

ORANGE CAKE MIX “A dream away”
Unreleased track. At an early date Elefant will be releasing a new album by the band of Jim Rao, a multiinstrumentalist who doesn’t hide his admiration at THE BYRDS or SIMON&GARFUNKEL, after having already released his first album, “More Mellow Hits”.

SPRING “Good luck charm”
A band from Paris, standard bearers of elegance and good taste. Elefant already released their LP “Tokyo Drifter” and the singles “Something Beginning” and “Chante En Espagnol”, in which they render homage to Spanish 80’s bands such as GOLPES BAJOS, DECIMA VICTIMA and ALASKA Y LOS PEGAMOIDES. The song they include on “Elefant Radio” is an advance of their forthcoming single (“Matinnées”, taken from the album, in which song Alex sings along with MOOSE’s singer), which will feature two other unreleased tracks.

PHANTOM DOG “15 lines”
Taken from their LP “Only Pals”. The band is formed by an Irish female singer, backed by a Scottish and two Spanish people, so that can be the clue for that cosmopolitan sound which distinguishes them. Their discography is complete with the singles “Suicide Mind” and “Confusion”.

BEEF “Bored song”
Unreleased track. The origins of the band date back to BACH IS DEAD, a seminal band which participated on the historical tour Noise Pop 92. Afterwards, they released two albums, under their new name of BEEF, before they came to the fold of Elefant Records. A new CD-single has just come out, “Adult Oriented Rock EP”, and Elefant will shortly re-release their previous, acclaimed LP (“Beef Tongues”, essential album recorded and produced by Kramer at his Noise New Jersey studios; chosen among the very best of 95 by the unanimous media) with a different cover.

One of the three original songs by this Peruvian/ Spanish band as featured on “Delay Tambor”, their remixes album which features mixes by SEEFEEL, SCANNER, SCORN, LOCUST and AUTECHRE. Since the release of their first LP “En Cielo De Océano” they have evolved with giant steps: “Paisaje III” already proved how they were leaving COCTEAU TWINS and MY BLOODY VALENTINE-like ethereal atmospheres, to concentrate on their very own concept of experimentation, and the single “Avalovara” confirmed what “Delay Tambor” and their new maxi-single “Galax Trax” ratify: that their irreproachable evolution takes them more each time towards innovation within the most risky and avant-garde of the dance music scene.

Unreleased track by this British -though New York settled- band, which had a single (“Ocean Beach EP”) alredy released on Elefant, and will shortly release an album. Their intimate, introspective pop, somehow reminding of Kristin Hersh or 10000 MANIACS, brings a perfect closing for this “Elefant Radio” broadcast.


released June 29, 1996


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Track Name: HEAVENLY - Mark Angel
I spotted you out in a bad place
Pock marks and scars
Painted on your face
Talked to me, charmed me
Bought me a Bacardi
Asked please to walk me home

We met in a bad place
I spotted your face
Because of the scar
It went right down across your cheek
Made you look scary
I guess you are

My sister's face fell to the gutter
You can't be going
Out with that nutter
Thought she'd know better
Daddy's girl, bed-wetter
I didn't hear a word

Don't bring trouble to our home
The words that my mother said
I blush thinking of the time
We sullied my parents' bed
I don't want that boy round here
Added my father then
No more going out for you
If I see his face again

We carried on dating
You said you'd waited
So long for this chance
It seems I misunderstood you
Foolishly thought that
You meant romance

My brother came back from his travels
And this is where
The story unravels
It seems that you've been enemies
Since your teens
Oh what a fool I've been

Don't bring trouble to our home
The words that my mother said
Please don't say I told you so
I'm wishing he was dead
I don't want that boy round here
Added my father then
No more need to worry dad
You won't see that boy again

What did you think when you held me
And gently kissed my face
All of the time acting
Playing out your vendetta game
It's all there in your scar
Just how brutal you are

(Cathy sings her first verse, backing up Amelia in this verse)
I spotted you out in a bad place
Pock marks and scars
Painted on your face
Talked to me, charmed me
Now you you just alarm me
I won't be fooled again
I won't be fooled again
I won't be fooled again
Track Name: LE MANS - Lucien
Llega el anochecer, tú te despedirás irás a dormir
A descansar para soñar
Intentando olvidar el trabajo de hoy
La tristeza de un día normal, y tal vez a mí

Cuando apagues la luz, recostada a tu lado esperaré
Un poco más, hasta saber
Por tu respiración que estás lejos de mí
Tu sonríes en sueños y yo, te digo adiós

Miro a mi alrededor y me apena marcharme de aquí
Sin intentar dar una razón
Si tuviera el valor de poderte explicar
Si pudiera hacerlo mejor, lo haría por ti

Salgo de la habitación, puede que me decida esta vez
A abandonar esta ciudad
Pero siempre es igual y me vuelvo a dormir
No me atrevo a marcharme
Y tú, tan lejos de mí
Track Name: TELEFILME - Teenage Siouxsie
Teenage siouxsie
Always making plans
All your schoolmates are just boring farts
In your hometown everything's so dull
And end up working as a typist
That would be too much

She's here, she's tired of waiting
She's here, she's gotta get up to get to town
Start doing things right now

Getting some kicks at the 100 club
Everybody liked your cupless bra
Frontpage baby
Poor bill grundy's fired
End up working as a typist
That would be too much
Track Name: UNION WIRELESS - I'm Not Used To It
Tonight you'll have the best fun you could ever have alone
So come and join the crowd who like to party on their own
They've nothing much to talk about
But still they're into everything
Making all that effort just to get their faces shown
And that sort of thing, Im not used to it

And maybe you might need some fuel, but you won't need a meal
And maybe it's impossible to work out how you'll feel
It's never getting bigger, but it's in the way of everything
Take what you've been offered and pretend it's a big deal
And that sort of thing, I'm not used to it
Track Name: LOS FLECHAZOS - Cansado
Hoy estoy tan cansado, hoy estoy tan cansado
Que quisiera cerrar los ojos para olvidar
Todo lo que ha pasado

Hoy estoy confundido, hoy estoy confundido
Y no puedo dejar de darle vueltas y no
No le encuentro sentido

Estoy harto de hablar y que no sirva de nada
Harto de oír siempre las mismas palabras
Harto de ver el tiempo que he malgastado
Estoy cansado

Hoy estoy tan cansado, hoy estoy tan cansado
Que quisiera dormir y no volver a dudar
Si estoy equivocado

Hoy estoy tan perdido, hoy estoy tan perdido
Que no quiero pensar, tan solo quiero llegar
Y quedarme dormido

Estoy harto de hablar y que no sirva de nada
Harto de oír siempre las mismas palabras
Harto de ver el tiempo que he malgastado
Estoy cansado

Y ya no sé que siento por dentro
Sólo sé que he perdido el tiempo
¿Por qué tengo que aguantar tanto dolor?

Hoy estoy tan cansado, hoy estoy tan cansado
Que quisiera cerrar los ojos para olvidar
Todo lo que ha pasado
Que quisiera cerrar los ojos para olvidar
Y dormirme a tu lado