Come What May Believe What I Say


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They took their place at the beginning of a new era in the Spanish indie pop. After their hit, “The Trial”, USURA released one of the best albums of 92. Five songs really filled with strong, distorted, animal changes of rhythm, bitter flavour and dark moments of tenderness. A must.


released April 1, 1992

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Track Name: Lovesicky
Things are far away from me
From this kind of love
About manners and the rest
Do I want to sounding feel down? fall down

All it happened precisely
This charming love
There was no option but to say yes
I couldn’t hold myself
Feel down, fall down
Driving me mad
Things can’t satisfy you now
Your divine smile
I got hooked on your bright smile
You let me astray from light
Love can’t satisfy you now
Lovesick smiles you have
I feel at times with no set plans

Things have changed so deeply in me
I couldn’t hold it inside
Love blew away turning to yes
I loved you in a dangerous way

Feel down, fall dawn
Track Name: Like A Sunday
When your body melts
I stand up leaving all I hate
When I’m thinking about all the sweet and sad
Some fluids like the blood runs
Anyway I spell my own words only to tell what I want

Biting all this like a dog
Like a man stuck to his gun
Spell my own words

Things are too high
Thick as lies

You’re falling down

Take a breath now
To be living now
All that is from my eyes
That is mine
I had it my way
It’s so sweet and sad
Like our way
It’s sweet and sad
Track Name: Brainstorm
This sickness is bad when not found
This madness is too hard to find
Someone like you grabbed your soul
Almighty lines and no alibis

Wherever you are
Let’s take control
Likewise you dig your hole
Dig it again
You just have begun
Hold it tight

I wonder why… Can I tell you something?
Can I tell you something picturesque and solid – solitud’s beyond me
Through your perfect faces

Wherever you are
Let’s take control
Likewise you dig your hole
Dig it again
You just have begun
Hold it tight

Come what may believe what I say
Track Name: Cockamamie
As I walked through this emptiness
I found several fighting creatures
Yelling at me that I exist
Living in this hole of my gravity

Shall I tell you what to say
To speak I’m deaf
To see I’m blind
Down, going down your skin
My own voice is hard to hear
Under the sorrows
He’s the sentry for my thoughts
Leave me alone, shut down
Tear up this cut-and-dried
Track Name: Fiddler's Green
Her house an eternal landscape
Where everybody can appreciate
Certain something special like the sky
That’s why you need to explore the “aqua”
Of the oldest river
The river that crosses her room
And makes her nightdress wet

At night I light a candle-sweet to see my lover
And so the things will change on time
For your love to flow more easily
To her, to him, the rain will come to wash us
A wash for her skin just like their kisses
From this landscape so precious I pray so they believe