Catastrophe Baby


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Finally, here´s the comeback of the most eccentric, indescribable duo in Spanish pop (“100% guitar free”, man) as a lengthy appetizer for their forthcoming and long-awaited second album. Of these six (or seven) songs, just the title one will be featured on the LP, whilst the other five (or six) will only be available in this awesome mini-CD, which leaves us all looking forward to the coming of what will surely be a confirmation that their first place in all the 1995 Spanish polls with “Fade In/Fade Out” wasn’t casual.

“Catastrophe Baby EP” is astoundingly opened with the title song, a disturbing melody resting on cold, dark rhythms, and embellished with majestic, almost gothic arrangements, over which Tito sings with ease a perverse, evil lyric (“you’ve got the balloon of the world, I’ve got a knitting needle”). This perversity in the contents is a constant trademark to all the record: on “Pop-Corn Videodrome”, a sort of a galactic reggae accompanied with 80’s synth-pop winks (the keyboards, the contained emotion, cooled down with the technologic wrapping), they talk about reality shows and its viewers’ insatiable, morbid needs, and “Kiss The Robot” hides, behind an unconcerned melody, a lyric with a similar atmosphere to that of “Brazil” and other chronicles of futuristic alienation.

“Devil Plus II” is a tense, anxious, claustrophobic tale, somewhere between SUICIDE, David Cronenberg and Stephen King, whilst the precious song “Ingmar” relaxes the record’s progression with an hypnotic, whispered melody, adding magic arrangements which interlace in a dreamy way, until they arrive to a suddenly interrupted peak.

“Protect Me You” is their particular version, minimalist and repetitive, of the SONIC YOUTH song. New York, year 3003, kids seesaw by the nuclear factory, close to the motorway... Nevertheless, suddenly a non credited track comes in, a mysterious farewell of electronic, optimistic pop à la NEW ORDER, which leaves room for a bit of light and hope in a dark, almost apocalyptic record.

TELEFILME is much more than the side project of David Beef and Tito Penelope Trip. Theirs is a unique sound, of their very own: you are in a pub in Mars, and the local band is playing some old synth-pop hits from a millennium ago...


released May 31, 1997


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Track Name: Catastrophe Baby
Ululatin’ sounds invading the room

Green smoke and red curtains to conceal you
After a blood-curdling scream
Your silhouette appears
Your mask and your distorted face
Looming above me

Spread your wings
Catastrophe baby
Evil weed
Cover the earth with a long black veil

You say this will end in tears
I can only answer please
Do you fear the butcher eyes
Of the guinea pig?
Caterpillar caterpillar
Catastrophe baby you're evil

Spread your wings
Catastrophe baby
Why don't we
Cover the earth with a long black veil

You've got the balloon of the world
I've got a knitting needle
Track Name: Pop-Corn Videodrome
Modern families sit in the tv room
Modern families need their weekly dose
There's a boy on the screen with a chainsaw
There's a girl on the screen yelling help me
But they're not acting, not acting
It's a real thing, it's the real thing
Do you want to save her
Dial this number if you don't

Daddy's getting excited by the blue screen
Daddy's getting excited it's so extreme
Mummy wants to throw up- she's sick of it
Mummy wants to see more
It's so adictive
Come on
Primetime videodrome
Track Name: Kiss The Robot
7 am so it's time to wake up
Some chocolate-coated tunes
On the radio
Open the windows and drink some coffee
Put on your helmet and your silver
Talk to the boy next door in the elevator
I'm afraid this evening we'll get some
Acid rain
Follow the luminous signs on the pavement
Enter the factory and kiss the robot
Track Name: Devil Plus II
Hey baby demon
Make the butterfly bleed
Your blood is vodka
And devil's on the wheel
Get out
Gotta get out
Get the fuck out
Get out of the car before it's too late
Your neck is broken
And you still want more
You're on your knees now
There's someone at the road
He's coming
He's coming closer
What a nice racin' car baby
Track Name: Ingmar
Cross the final frontier
Drive your car through the north
Leave all cities behind
Cross the final frontier
Sail away, cross the sea
Don't you ever look back

Cross the final frontier
Go beyond what you know
Lose yourself in the snow
Cross the final frontier
If you trespass the barrier
You won't be on the map

Cross the final frontier
Be outside history
Just advance and advance
And don't ever look back
And don't ever look back
Don't you ever look back