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Tito Pintado (PENELOPE TRIP, TELEFILME) treats us with six songs in which pop, electronics and sheer noise blend to give shape to a truly singular album. From experimental ambient to seventies disco, from lo-fi, toy dub to electronic noise pop, everything can happen in the world of ANTI.


released November 21, 1998

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Elefant Records - Classics Madrid, Spain

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Track Name: Cocomino County Dub
Track Name: Chiller
Icy morning frosty
Igloo street
Icy morning misty
Teen snow kid
Icy morning haiku
Some old Eskimo told me
Slowly rising morning
Kiss me with your kisses

[It’s like our love - it’s chilling
It’s like our love - it’s very wild
Fiery lava
Molten snow fiery lava]

Icy morning treasure
Goldmine sea
Capture icy sunbeams
Cause some tiny heartquakes
Slowly rising morning

[It’s like our love - it’s chilling
It’s like our love - it’s very wild
Jump into the crater
Open blade snowy lava]
Track Name: Kinky Beat
Gonna put a spell on you
Don’t want you to
Go away
Will black magic be ok
To make you stay?
I don’t know

Kinky palace of doom
The things we make
Just out of darkness and gloom
Kinky palace of doom
We’re playing games
Oh love me love me won’t you

Listen to the heartbeat of the jungle
I am pulling out your strings

I’m hypnotizing you
Listen to the drumbeat of the young girl
With my African mask
And my cake walk dancing

Gotta give you some voodoo
To make you do
What I want
I’ll pour something from my ring
Into your drink
You’ll see

Kinky palace of doom
We’re playing games
Don’t you wanna know what I’m up to
In my kinky palace of doom
Come round you lazy baby
Come to my room
Why don’t you lazy baby
Come to my
Little house of doom

You’re going nowhere
Without me
Track Name: Ride The Tiger
Ride the tiger right now
Shake it break it make it oh yeah
Right now before the other makers
Take it all before the other takers
Go wild baby just make it happen
Yeah yeah play the game
In your own terms
Scream loud be the one baby make it wild
Change a situation
Blow the house down turn it upside down
Excitement reachin’ a crescendo
Burnin’ like a towering inferno
Go wild baby just make it happen
Have some fun under the pavement
Scream loud be the one ride the tiger now
Track Name: Pain Teen By Numbers
I want to be with you
You’re nothing special you’re dull
Just like a movie I have seen
Hundreds of times
Oh then why do I still want to be with you

Last night I dreamt of you
But you were not in the dream
It seems I’ve got to be alone
Even in my fantasies
Won’t you ever come to me
You’ll never come to me
Track Name: Copyright Of The Heart
Shimmering light
Hospital white
Capsule hotel
It’s just an electrical fault
Is the clock going slow?
This is a commercial
I caught a glimpse of you in the tube
Well I think it was you
This is a commercial

Take off your mask
Fill in the blanks
Sweet mystery
Brain surgery
You should not believe what you see
What you see is not me
This is a commercial
You fake
Plastic and styrofoam
A house is not a home
This is a commercial

Guiding light
Hospital white
It’s only an electrical fault
Take off your mask
Is the clock going slow?
Well maybe it’s me
Take off your mask
Will you leave me behind?