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You can’t avoid, when talking about BEEF, to mention as well the other projects of David Rodríguez, the band’s leader: a previous one, BACH IS DEAD; and a parallel one, TELEFILME. BACH IS DEAD were true pioneers in the Spanish independent scene, setting it up with their LP “Sonotone” (Marilyn, 1992), as well as with their participation in the historical Noise Pop ‘92 tour. In this tour they played all over Spain along with bands such as PENELOPE TRIP, whose singer Tito is the other half in TELEFILME: an oddly original band, which uses domestic technology to create avant-garde pop, with an album released on Elefant.

But BEEF’s career begins with the release of their album “Beef Songs” (La Fábrica Magnética, 1994), a wise following to their previous work, and a link with their new, fruitful orientation. The transition from LFM to Acuarela was signed with the single “Beef Sings”, a splendid advance that prepared us someway for the astonishing demonstration of talent that was about to come: “Beef Tongues” (Acuarela, 1995), recorded and produced by Kramer in his New York studios, received unanimous critical acclaim (record of the year in Spanish magazine Rock de Lux, third place in Spiral’s annual chart...). This album was reissued by Elefant later some years later, with a new sleeve and the songs in “Beef sings” as extra tracks.

From 1996 on, Elefant will be releasing BEEF records, such exciting works as this “Adult Oriented Rock EP”. The sleeve, as usual in BEEF’s records, has a unique presentation, with an arty image. This time they didn’t travel, as they recorded it at GDM, the studio of their coproducer Pere Serrano (ALIAS GALOR).

In relation to the music, “Adult Oriented Rock EP” is the definitive confirmation of the eccentric, uneasy talent that these boys treasure within. They explore to the limits all the possibilities of the electric guitar, though they are not afraid of using keyboards, samplers or computers, and taking full advantage of the studio. They wisely use noise and repetition, bringing in loads of effects in order to get the right atmosphere on every song: not only pedals, but also whispers and screams are used as if they were another instrument. Representatives, along with MEDICATION, of krautrock (via Julian Cope) in Spain, they prove that not only NEU!, FAUST or CAN have a place in their record collections. Also WIRE, MAGAZINE, DISCO INFERNO or even WEDDING PRESENT point their influence in BEEF’s multidirectional vision of music; not forgetting, of course, the inveterate SONIC YOUTH or JOY DIVISION (listen to the inspired “Ready For Love” and check it out).


released July 4, 1996



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